3 Palms Pizzeria and Bakery

Hudson, Westlake


Hudson, OH 44236

281 Main Street
Westlake, OH 44236

Nicole writes:

I dined this past Saturday at 3 Palms Pizzeria in Hudson, at First & Main.  I had their gluten free pizza and it was incredible.  While it is not a dedicated kitchen nor do they have a specific gluten free menu, they do make their own crust in house. There was a $3 upcharge for the GF crust. Obviously a concern given that there are other flours, but I spoke with the manager who said that all pans were separate and they take precaution.  I was fine and didn’t get sick at all.  It was by far the best crust I have ever eaten out.  They also have gluten free desserts in the case, and my mother in law had purchased a decadent chocolate cake for my birthday from there over the summer.  


One thought on “3 Palms Pizzeria and Bakery”

  1. The most exciting thing at Three Palms Pizzeria is that you have a choice of desserts as well as GF Pizza. The thing that caught my eye were the fresh GF baked goods. The thing that looked really exciting was a small gluten-free chocolate cake that probably servers 4-6 people. It was $15. It would be great for someone looking to buy a cake for a GF friend. How many times have we all wanted to pick up something quick and wonderful but really couldn’t.

    They have several different kinds of GF cookies that were about $1.25 + each, which I thought was a great price. I tried the Ugly Cookie which was a mixture of eggs whites, large chocolate chips and nuts. It was big and delicious. They also had macaroons when I was there. Maybe you should call ahead before you go to see what the selection might be and if they have the chocolate cake.

    I was too busy eating something yummy that I forgot to ask about their GF procedures. I also had the Italian Chopped Salad and pizza. It is a nice restaurant a little upscale in decoration and price. Now you have an excuse to go to Three Palms to find out their procedures and sample the other cookies. I don’t know if they sell the cake by the slice… another excuse for you to go. Yeah GF Dessert!

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