Look for these products
coming soon!
The Soup Pot is proud to announce that their gluten-free bread is now available at ACME Supermarkets.  Look for it in the freezer of the Natural and Organic section
at the following store locations: 1835 W. Market St. and 3979 Medina Rd. both in Akron. If you would like their breads or other products offered at your local
neighborhood Acme Supermarket, simply ask for it at the customer service counter.

Domino's Pizza has a new GF Pizza that is NOT meant for customers with celiac disease. NFCA issued an amber designation, having worked with Domino's.
Should NFCA have worked with Domino's? Let us know about Dominos or any other restaurant GF experience you have at

Disney Blog has Gluten Free Advice: Traveling to a Disney Park? Read about GF food options HERE

Help Wanted: Let us know about your gluten free dining experiences. Read other reviews by gluten free diners: www.neohioceliac.com/blog

Campola's Tasty Pizza now has GF crust. It comes in frozen from a GF facility in a 4piece or 8 piece size. They add toppings. Location HERE

Urban Raccoon Granola Bars is a new LOCAL GF dedicated company that provides customers with better options and choices. They proudly support local Ohio
producers by purchasing honey and pure maple syrup and avoid the use of artificial preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. Available at Nature's Bin, Seven Grains,
& soon to be at EarthFare.

Amanda's Own Confections...just in time for Easter. GF and allergy free chocolate and candy available in local stores. See Amanda's website for locations

Whole Foods on Chagrin is offering gluten free consultations every Saturday. Contact Serena at 216-464-9403

New Classification System for gluten related disorders is discussed in the  Wall Street Journal article HERE. Dr. Fasano discusses gluten sensitivity. Gluten ataxia
& Dermatitis Herpetiformis are discussed as well.

Clinical Drug Trials for Celiac Disease have started here in Cleveland. Great Lakes Gastroenterology is seeking candidates for clinical trials of Alba
Pharmaceutical's new drug Larazotide Acetate, a synthetic amino acid tight junction regulator.
Contact Debbie Donahue at 440-205-1225 Ext. 216.
Trial Requirements: 1) Must be age 18-75 & diagnosed with celiac disease, 2) Must be on the GF diet for the last 12 months and plan on continuing, 3) Currently having
GI symptoms, 4) Proof of biopsy
and positive bloodwork, 5) Seven visits to Mentor, compensated for time & travel, 6) Excluded conditions include diabetes and others.

GF Egg Rolls-Feel Good Foods, maker of frozen dumplings with Asian dipping sauce, is now making egg rolls! Coming to the Whole Foods nearest you January

Connie Sarros is retiring. A local GF cookbook author who has spoken to local and national celiac support groups, her cookbooks offered variety & practical GF
meal options . Go to her website at
gfbooks.homestead.com/ for still available titles of her cookbooks.

Mrs. P's Bakery's is a gluten free bakery in Bedford. See our GF Bakery page for more info HERE

Announcing...Celiac Disease Foundation's 1st Children's Celiac Camp! Located in Southern California's beautiful San Bernardino Mountains
near Big Bear,the 2012 Camp Session Week, July 30 - August 3, will be filled with fun activities and adventure in an environment dedicated to kid's gluten-
free dietary needs. For ages 7-15  
REGISTRATION FORM    Spaces are limited. Reserve now. For more info or questions, call CDF at 818.990.2354 or
visit their Kid's Korner page on the CDF
 website: www.celiac.org

GF Turkey List 2011-Courtesy of Harris Whole Health. Updated November 2011. HERE

Vitamin A May Worsen Celiac Symptoms-Triumph Dining Story HERE In short, what it means is that if you stress your gut out — eg if you get glutened — the
Vitamin A floating around your system might make the reaction worse.This isn’t to say that those of us with celiac disease should avoid Vitamin A (it’s important stuff).
However, if you know you’ve exposed yourself to something bad it might be prudent not to eat something full of Vitamin A for a little while.What foods are high in Vitamin
A? Healthaliciousness.com reports liver, paprika/red pepper/chili powder, sweet potatoes, carrots and dark leafy greens as the top 5 foods.

Earth Fare opening in Fairview Park, 3450 Westgate Mall. Terrific news for west side! Targeted date is winter, 2011, possibly December, 2011. Phone: 440-356-2262

Boston Market transitioned their poultry gravy to gluten free in August, 2011. The old poultry gravy with poultry pieces had gluten. The smooth gravy should be gluten
free. Please check and double check before ordering.

Red Robin in 6 states offers gluten free buns. Talk to management at your local Red Robin. Independence location has them. Source: www.celiac-disease.com.

Alvine Pharmaceuticals in California reports to European Gastro Conference its clinical trial results as they begin phase II b in 2012. Listen to a 25 minute
conference call
featuring Dr. Green and Alvine by copying pasting this into your browser:

Gluten Free Toaster Pastries by Eco Planet-- 3 flavors of GF toaster pastries that will be at Whole Foods Nov. 15th. Keep an eye out for this product! HERE
Also individual packets of instant oatmeal.

Free 20's Meetup Group starting out of N. Canton. Interested in dining GF with others in their 20's? Go to www.meetup.com You may have to register first.

FDA Labeling: On Oct. 3rd, the American Celiac Disease Alliance submitted a 9 page summary of their stand on gluten free labeling to the FDA before the closing of
the comment period. This summary is supported by its member groups, CDF included. The letter is a result of thoughtful feedback from members of the scientific
community, ACDA, Celiac Disease Foundation, Gluten Intolerance Group, as well as other Celiac disease stakeholders who all worked collaboratively to frame the
message.  Read summary of the celiac community's thoughts

Gorton's Grilled Fish – Now Gluten Free! Press release: Gorton’s Seafood has announced that its Grilled line of fish is now gluten free, with a variety of flavors
including Grilled Salmon, Grilled Tilapia, Alaska Pollock, and Grilled Haddock. Procedures have been implemented at the production location to avoid the risk of cross-
contamination, and there is ongoing monitoring and testing to ensure that Gorton’s Grilled Fish is gluten free. New products will be on shelves soon. Look for
on back of package near Nutrition facts. Gorton’s is giving away 100 subscriptions to Living Without Magazine to celebrate the news; to enter for a chance to win,
visit their website (you’ll see a red oval that says “Click to Win…”).

C4C Flour from Williams Sonoma is a blend of flours that Cup4Cup can replace regular wheat flour. Cup4Cup GF Flour, comes in a 3-pound sack for $19.95 at
Williams-Sonoma stores and from williams-sonoma.com starting September.

California Pizza Kitchen now has 4 choices for gluten free pizza.

Schwan's Food Service will be offering great tasting Tony's individual gluten free pizzas soon.  Wrapped in an ovenable film to protect against cross contamination,
they hope to offer their pizzas to school lunch programs. Hot pizza for GF kids at school! Thanks Schwan's!

Gluten Free Cupcakes Cookbook: Take a look at www.elanaspantry.com by Elana Amsterdam.

FDA Gluten Free Labeling from ACDA:
For more information: Update on the Gluten-Free Labeling Proposed Rule

New Vegetarian Cookbook by Connie Sarros  The new book "STUDENT'S VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK FOR DUMMIES" has hit the bookshelves. Breakfast,
lunch, and dinner recipes are each divided into two groups:  "grab n' go" foods that can be made in ten minutes or less, and then foods that can be made in thirty minutes
or less. While this is
NOT a gluten-free cookbook, most of the recipes are naturally gluten-free or can very easily be converted to gluten-free by replacing wheat pasta
with a corn or Rice pasta. More details

Joy Ice Cream Cones has recently come out with gluten free cake and sugar cones! Soon available at Heinen's. Go to their website to find out more HERE

July 2011 Washington, D.C. Press Release on FDA Defining Gluten Free: After more than four years of inaction by the Food and Drug Administration
on their statutory requirement to finalize standards for gluten-free labeling on foods, U.S. Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) have sent a letter to
FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg seeking answers for the extreme delay and an update on when the FDA will propose a final rule. “The regulatory uncertainty
surrounding FDA’s inaction has led to a proliferation of ‘gluten free’ standards and labels provided by 3rd party groups,” the senators wrote. “This creates confusion for
consumers, and hesitancy amongst producers on what their requirements will be. We ask that you provide us with an update on when FDA will promulgate a final rule,
why FDA has taken so long to issue this rule, and if there are any legal or regulatory hurdles that have prevented the timely implementation of this legislation.” Thanks
NFCA and ACDA for the update.

Whole Foods to be built in Rocky River. For all you west-siders this is wonderful news! Also look for another Earthfare opening on the westside!

Zeppe's Pizzeria now offers Gluten Free Pizza! With over 30 locations in Ohio go to www.zeppes.com for locations which show which one  is carry out or dine
in. 8 slice pizza is $13.99 and $1.79 to add sausage or pepperoni. The Still Riding pizza crust is produced and pre-baked at Still Riding’s own, dedicated 100% Gluten
Free and Kosher certified facility in Connecticut and shipped directly to Zeppe’s 30 locations.  At Zeppe’s, the pizza is assembled using uncontaminated and gluten free
toppings, baked on a special baking tray so that it doesn’t touch the deck of the oven, and cut with a clean and dedicated cutter before it is served.

Many of Zatarain’s rice mixes have always been gluten-free, but now the company is spreading the word to the celiac and gluten-free community. Twenty of
Zatarain’s rice mixes have been certified gluten-free by the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP) at the University of Nebraska. These products now
bear a gluten-free designation on the package, making it easier to shop safely in the grocery store. Story from NFCA www.celiaccentral.org.

Aunt Rita's GF Fresh Bakery is now offered at Heinen's Avon and Bainbridge locations and soon at their Brescksville and Pepper Pike stores. Available in mid July
at Heinen's Avon and Bainbridge stores: Plain and cinnamon/raisin bagels,  3 kinds of muffins, and 8" frosted chocolate and vanilla cakes.
Other items may include: zucchini bread, banana bread, small nut roll cookies, several varieties of cookies, cupcakes, snicker doodles and lemon donuts!

123 Gluten Free now has a gluten free cup for cup replacement flour called Olivia's mix. It is said to be the first GF flour enriched with iron, calcium and B vitamins.
Kim Ullner and 123 Gluten Free are featured in the Tuesday June 21 Plain Dealer Health section (E). Read the interview

Gluten Free Rice Krispies are here!

Tricia Thompson MS RD, a nationally well respected dietitian, has started www.glutenfreewatchdog.org to make gluten-free food testing data available to
consumers and other interested parties. Ten product reports are currently available and four new reports will be added each month. The monthly subscription cost is
$4.99. Please keep in mind that the cost of testing each food product fairly and correctly (e.g. 3 separate samples tested in duplicate using the standard sandwich R5
ELISA) costs approximately $500. And this does not include the cost of product or shipping. As long as the gluten-free community feels the site is useful and is willing to
pool their resources--contributing a relatively small amount of money in return for access to expensive test results—it will continue to operate.

GF Hamburger Helper--Cheesy Hashbrown, Asian Helper Chicken Fried Rice and Asian Helper Beef Fried Rice will soon no longer be gluten free.  This is due to a
change in manufacturing facilities, and although gluten will not be used as an ingredient in any of the three products, they will no longer be able to guarantee that they will
be free from cross-contamination. If the boxes say "may contain wheat" they may be cross contaminated.

Genius Bread from Britain coming to the US soon. It won awards in Britain and is used in their Starbucks for sandwiches. Perhaps under the brand Glutino.

Celiac Specialties GF products, including their famous doughnuts and doughnut holes sold at celiac conferences, is being sold at Seven Grains in Tallmadge.

Honey Baked Ham Store's Gluten Free List  HERE

Be an Activist! Let your legislators know you want a definition of gluten free now! Go to the American Celiac Disease Alliance Site

Free Online Educational Program for Primary Care Physicians by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness is called "Defining, Diagnosing and
Managing Celiac Disease". Physicians can receive continuing medical education credit for completing this activity.  However, anyone can access the information.
To view the activity materials (requires registration):  http://www.celiaccmecentral.com/register.php
For further information about the CME credit: http://www.celiaccmecentral.com/getstarted.html
For an accompanying guide that can be freely distributed by healthcare organizations or interested parties:  http://www.celiaccmecentral.com/pdf_redirect.php

Cream of Rice by B&G Foods now marked GF.

New study by Dr. Fasano identifies gluten sensitivity as a totally different condition than celiac disease .Original 1 page research article: Printed in the Wall
Street Journal/Health Journal.

Wilhelmina Fitness Model Ryann Fraser shares her battle for a diagnosis in the L.A. Times Media Planet Insert on Celiac Disease.

Asthma and Celiac Disease may be linked. Triumph Dining March 2011 Report Here.

Nick and the Shrinking Inner Spaceship: New Children's book for the adventurous! See our Kids Page for a story summary!

Garden of Eatin' Tortilla chips recall. For lots that were recalled, please go here.

Katz Bakery is looking for taste testers. Samples will be sent to you to as well as a request for your opinion. Contact Info@katzglutenfree.com or use our
Contact Us page for a referral.

Chex commercial Feb. 2011. Talk of gluten free goes mainstream in Chex commercial.

$1.00 Discount on Udi's GF Bread HERE

Follow up article in Plain Dealer on Gluten Free Products Tuesday,1/25/11 in Health section. Original article on 1/11 HERE

Reminder: Taco Bell Meat is Not Gluten Free. News states less than 40% ground beef. Few GF options. HERE

Registration for Camp Celiac in Rhode Island, begins Feb. 1st. Camp runs from Aug. 7-12. Campers interested in scholarships should submit a one-page essay
describing why they feel they deserve a Camp Celiac scholarship and how they feel going to Camp Celiac will impact their life. Essays should be neatly printed or typed
and include the camper’s full name, mailing address, telephone number, and age as well as an email address.  All essays for consideration must be received by April 1,
2011.Scholarship recipients will be notified by mail by June 1, 2011.Mail essays to: Camp Celiac Scholarship Essay
P.O. Box 638, Churchton, MD  20733. You must pay for camp with registration, and then check is returned if scholarship attained. See
Kids Page for more camp options.

Ians Mac No Cheese and French Bread Pizza Recall: Some 492 8-ounce boxes of Ian's Natural Foods GF Mac and No Cheese and GF French Bread Pizza
have been recalled because they may be contaminated with Listeria.The mac-no-cheese has a use by date of 26 Aug 2011 and UPC 7-49512-43670-8. The pizza has a
use-by date of 28Aug2011and UPC 7-49512-91572-2. The company says no other packages are affected. NY Times story 1/24/11.

Show Dog Trained in Gluten Detection. Rare bread Beauceron helps sniff out gluten.  Read USA Today Article.

Promise Me, a romantic/melodramatic novel by Richard Paul Evans, is the story of a 6 year old girl with an unidentifiable illness--celiac disease. The second half of the
novel reveals a time travel plot line. Celiac disease's truth wrapped in fiction. The New York Times bestselling author has won awards for storytelling and he used celiac
awareness to advance the story.

Tell the FDA to Finish Gluten Free Labeling Regulations: Send message to your government representative HERE

The Celiac Maniac's Gluten Free Online Radio!  Listen to interviews of gluten free authors, dietitians, activists and even vendors HERE. There is an  
archive list to hear past interviews too: Trisha Thompson, Cynthia Kupper, Pamela's Products, Katie Chalmers and more. The interviews are done by the Celiac Maniac
bakery in Oregon.

Navigating the Gluten Free Diet in College by Rebecca Panzer, MA RD LD, In educational collaboration with the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center. WONDERFUL. Best GF college advice seen in a long time. 12 page online pamphlet handling the college experience from beginning to end. Questions to
ask dining services, handling roommates, what small appliances to bring to dorm for cooking, handling alcohol, GF kissing, & more. Rebecca talked to 60 gluten free
students nationally and 10 colleges. This was part of her master thesis.

Kikkomen has a new gluten free soy sauce! Along with San-J GF and La Choy, there are now 3 GF options. From NFCA

Subway is testing out gluten free rolls and Brownies in 2 cities in Texas. GF products will come prepackaged, and cut with a prepackaged knife by sandwichmakers to
avoid cross contamination. Wouldn't it be great if we all walked into our local Subway and encouraged the manager to consider Gluten Free products in the Cleveland
area? View story
Details Here Connie Sarros encouraged us in her free newsletterette to do so a couple months ago! If it can happen in Texas, it can happen here......

University of California at San Diego has an excellent online presentation on celiac disease and the GF diet, a little over 1 hour long. HERE

The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a 2 page article on gluten free in 1/11/11's edition in the Health section. Online LINK to see text (shortened version):
Always good to get the word out and raise celiac awareness!

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Recipe Magazine hit newsstands 12/29/10 with 280 GF recipes--from Appetizers & Snacks to Best Breakfasts, Satisfying Meals,
Breads & Sides, Desserts and more. It has a special section on Nutrition and Recipe Testing Guidelines and an ingredient guide in a section entitled Living Gluten
Freely.  Here is the
LINK for more info.

Coco Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, & Cupcake Pebbles by Post Cereals are now gluten free. On all 3 varieties Gluten Free will be clearly labeled on the box
front. Right now it is on the side of some boxes. The labelling has to "catch up". Company says,"There are no wheat, oats, barley or rye formulated in Post Cocoa
Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles and Cupcake Pebbles, and we are happy to finally announce that our select products are gluten-free and produced on a dedicated line
containing no other gluten products."  
Marshmallow Pebbles are being re-formulated and will soon be gluten free. The old version has wheat in it, so be careful.
The new version will be out in late spring, early summer.
Pebbles Treats snack bars are a new product coming out in the next few months. They will also be clearly
labeled "gluten free". Call 1-800-431-POST and ask to speak to Leslie (manager) or David (nice guy) if you have any further questions.

The Cake Doctor Bakes Gluten Free is now in Bookstores. Ann Byrnn, the author, brings variety and flavor to plain GF cake mixes. See the Channel 5
Good Morning America segment

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2747 Fairmount Blvd, Cleveland Hts, now has gluten-free communion wafers available at all services. A separate chalice of wine that
has not had wheat wafers intincted in it is also provided.

Mia Bella Restaurant  in Little Italy offers in house GF menu. See Restaurant Page.

L&J Popcorn makes for a wonderful holiday gift. Certified GF (Elisa tested), popcorn tins go for $15 and up. Order before 12/15 & shipping is half off.

Celiac Disease is #4 on AOL's 2010 Hot Searches List in the health category.  In February, the discovery of a genetic link to celiac disease spurred hopes for
better drugs. Chelsea Clinton’s July wedding featured a gluten-free cake, while celebrities promoted gluten-free diets, and demand for gluten-free foods increased.

Giant Eagle Gluten Free List. Giant Eagle has reviewed their brand products, checked with suppliers, and created a GF shopping list.

Celiac Disease on ABC'S Nightline.  DR. Green and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are shown to disagree that the GF diet is good for all. View Video Here.

New Brochures on Celiac and Women's Health from NFCA: Issues include fertility, miscarriage, women's unique nutritional needs, symptoms unique to
women, pregnancy and more.
New Brochure for Celiacs age 60+ from GIG and NFCA.

A Research Donation of $45 million, a record gift, was made to Dr. Alessio Fasano's Celiac Disease Center, University of Maryland, October 30th, 2010.

Gluten Free Halloween 2010 Candy List. Click Here. Type in the candy you are questioning , and up pops a list. See our Kids and teens page for a 22
page GF candy list called "Rock"tober from 2009.
More Halloween: GF Tips to enjoy the holiday, Halloween Party food, 10 homemade GF Halloween Candy Treats.
Thanks About.com!

Snyder's of Hanover's gluten free pretzels may be coming to stores soon. Ask your local grocery store manager.

Need a GF stuffing recipe? Go to our  Recipe page for celiac.com's recipe!

Gluten Free Turkey List. Click here. Butterball whole fresh and frozen turkeys are gluten free. They have even made their gravy packets gluten free, but be very
careful. If you've had a turkey in the freezer a while, you may not have the new gluten free gravy packet. Check and double check. Other brands are listed: Honeysuckle
White, Jennie-O, Perdue, Empire and more. Please check the list for details, because not all of their turkey products are GF, and not all gravy packets packaged with the
turkeys are gluten free.

Honey Baked Ham Products: Hams and turkeys are gluten free, according to the company spokesperson. The same glaze that is used on the ham is used on the
Click here . Look in the left column for FAQ. Go to questions on either ham or turkey. They have reformulated their glaze within the last 2 years, taking out

Chicago Tribune Celiac Disease Special Insert. For a copy click HERE

FDA clears 2 new Celiac Disease Blood Tests. These tests, specific to gliadin, will offer physicians who suspect celiac disease,"the lowest number of false
positive results. This means avoiding putting patients through unnecessary endoscopies and biopsies," said Gabi Gross, autoimmune franchise leader of
Laboratory Systems, US,
in a company news release.~Medscape Today Online (9/27/2010).

GF Condensed Soup! Cream of mushroom, chicken, celery. Look for Pacific Natural Foods brand. At Whole Foods, Nature's Bin, Cleveland Food Co-op. Click
GF Local Stores Page.

Betty Crockers GF Devil Cake is being reformulated with soy flour. For those with a soy allergy, please take note.

Health Care Reform: Since Sept. 23, insurance companies are banned from denying new or group coverage to patients under the age of 19 based on preexisting
conditions (celiac disease). The policy will extend to all Americans, regardless of age, in 2014. To learn more, read the government’s Fact Sheet on the
New Patient’s
Bill of Rights.

New Celiac Disease Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Pamela's Products Individual Mixes: Brownie Mix $1.99 & Pancake Mix. Great for dorm room or dining for 1!

Mr. Ritt's GF Flour  is  available through the Raisin Rack stores in Canton and Columbus Ohio. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email.   Mr. Ritt's
Gluten Free, 453 North 2nd Street, Millville, NJ 08332, 1-856-825-8770-- www.MrRitts.org  

Lipton Onion Soup Mix has been reformulated and some boxes now have barley in them. For many in the gluten free community, this product, although not
marked "gluten free" was considered GF based on its old formulation. Please be careful. The packaging looks the same.

Have you been diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis? or know someone who has? Division of Dermatology, Vanderbilt Health at Vanderbilt University is
seeking volunteers for a research study. If you have a diagnosis of dermatitis herpetiformis, you may be eligible to be in a research study looking at the treatment of this
skin condition with a topical medication.The study includes six weeks of daily home treatment. A total of 4 study visits are required. Study related evaluations and
medication are provided at no cost. For more information: Mary Beth Cole, MD 615-322-6485 marybeth.cole@vanderbilt.edu Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

GF Crunchy Apple Nut Pie was the winner of the Lake Farmpark apple pie contest, beating out other gluten pies, proving gluten free can be tasty! (In the Lake
County News Herald 9/15/2010) Rene Jett and Toni Stone's Bakery called
"Bake My Day Gluten Free Delites" is on our GF Local Stores page.  They will be at Lake
Farm Park until 10/13, Wednesdays 3:00 to 6:00, and TriPoint Medical Center on Fridays 12:30 to 5:30 until 10/2. They will also be at the Gates Mills fall festival at the
Horticultural Center on Saturday, Oct. 2, 12:00 to 4:00.  

Free Gluten Free Care Package from the University of Chicago if you are newly diagnosed by biopsy within the last 3 months. Contains GF food and
snacks. You can call Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time 1-( 773)702-7593.This is also the celiac disease hotline that will answer any
questions that you may have.

September 13, was named "National Celiac Disease Awareness Day" after Dr. Samuel Gee born on Sept. 13, 1839. Dr. Gee was the first to link diet to
a cure for celiac disease.

Udi's $1.00 off coupon. Click here. Can be used 2-3 times.

Gluten Free Bread at Subway Restaurants?? Connie Sarros in her Newsletterette says we should try to make it a reality! Contact: Subway Corporate
Attention: Head of Marketing Department/12042 Blanco Road, Suite 102/, San Antonio, TX 78216 / Phone # (210)340-8101
In all communication, tell them our national organization can advise them on product and cross contamination issues.  Refer them to: National Foundation for Celiac
Awareness (NFCA)/Beckee Moreland, Director of GREAT Food Service/P.O. Box 544, Ambler, PA 19002-0544/Phone:215-325-1306/ Email:beckee@celiaccentral.org

Celiac Vaccine makes progress. Australian scientists have identified 3 protein peptides that cause reactions in celiac patients. This is an important step to
developing a

Chelse Clinton's GF wedding cake NFCA story details here:  More cake HERE

Conte's Pasta now being sold nationwide. Ask at your Giant Eagle, Heinen's or Acme. Right now, Conte's  is on sale! Products include pierogis, cheese ravioli,
gnocchis and much more----all taste like the real thing!

Smart Ones frozen entrees are marked GF: Smart Ones Broccoli & Cheddar Potatoes, Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata, Fiesta Chicken, Chicken Santa Fe,
Cranberry Turkey Medallions, Honey Dijon Chicken.

Melting Pot and Rusty Bucket Restaurants now  have online gluten free menus. Check out our Restaurants Page to see what other restaurants have been
Au Bon Pain & Porcellis: Gluten free menu items have been spotted at these restaurants, although no online menus are available. Please call ahead or ask
staff for assistance in making gluten free choices.

General Mills NEW Gluten Free Products! Look for Gluten Free Bisquick. For more info on General Mills other 250+ products go to:  www.liveglutenfreely.

123 Gluten Free will now be found in Heinen's stores.

Redbridge Beer is temporarily being reformulated and is not being distributed as widely as it once was. The company states that it is dropping the alcohol content
from 4.7% to make it attractive in all 50 states. The company denies that it will be discontinued in the future.

Udi's GF Bread is now available at Whole Foods and Heinen's.  Udi's can be sold like regular bread right off the shelf (although often sold frozen)and has been
delighting customers with its spongey texture.

CONTINENTAL AIRLINES has re-instated special gluten-free meals on international flights. Questions? Email: jeff.smisek@coair.com  or write to: Jeffery A.
Smisek, CEO, Continental Airlines P.O. Box 4607, Houston, Texas 77210-4607 [per Janet Rhinehart, chairman Houston Celiac Support Group]

Whole Foods has discontinued their 365 Everyday Value brand. It is Gluten Free Pantry repackaged, so they will now only carry GF Pantry. Hopefully they will also
adjust the price.

Bob's Red Mill is featured on ABC's "American Heart" series. It is a powerful American story.

False claims about gluten free products: North Carolina man arrested Feb. 3rd. Details. Outcome closely watched by celiac community,

Strawberry Chex discontinued. Question? call 1-800-248-7310

Starbucks has reintroduced gluten free snacks. Look for Lucy's cookies, natural chips, dried fruit snacks, granola mixes, nut blends, & fruit leathers.

Aladdin's Eatery has GF options. Ask the server or email

Progresso Soups are now marked Gluten Free and MSG free. All Progresso Broths are Gluten Free.

Gluten Free hamburger buns are now being served at
Eat-N-Park Restaurants.                       -
Support research at the University of Maryland, Columbia University, and the Univ. of Chicago
News You Can Use
Celiac Disease and Gluten Free News
Joy GF cones soon at Heinen's
Genius GF Bread popular in
Europe, coming to USA in August!
Feel Good Foods Egg Rolls
Available at Williams Sonoma