Against The Grain Baguettes and Bagels

My go to bread is the gluten-free frozen baguettes made by Against The Grain. It is frozen and if you defrost it for about 15-20 seconds you can slice off a sandwich size piece and refreeze the rest. You then toast it and it has a wonderful crust like a “real” baguette. It also worked to toast it in the morning and eat it as a sandwich at lunchtime.

Recently I tried Against The Grain Bagels and was pleased with the taste and texture which is very similar to their baguette. It’s not quite a real bagel but, really nice compared to some other gluten-free bagels and breads I’ve purchased only to be totally disappointed. These bagels are also frozen need only to be defrosted for 15 seconds and then toasted. The website for both bread products is

6 thoughts on “Against The Grain Baguettes and Bagels”

  1. Thanks! My 9 year old has been desperate for a GF bagel. What stores carry this brand in Northeast Ohio? From their website, it says they don’t ship direct to customers and there are no locations in Ohio. I appreciate any info – thanks!

    1. This brand is readily available at Heinens, and Mustard Seed Market as well as Earthfare locations. I use the bagettes for garlic bread as a rare treat in out otherwise carb conscious vegetarian GF household. Great pizza as well, premade or make your own crust.

    2. Earth Faire in Akron carries Against The Grain baguettes and bagels. I know Heine’s in Brecksville has them and I would think all Heinen’s carry them.

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