Anatolia Café

East/Cedar-Lee District

2270 Lee Rd.
Cleveland Heights OH 44118
(west side of Lee and south side of Cedar rd)

216 – 321 – 4400

Thanks, Bette, for sharing this review:

This is another Turkish restaurant that has quite a number of gluten free foods, even though it does not have a specific gluten free menu. Unlike the Istanbul Grill, the rice is NOT safe because it includes orzo. But otherwise, many of the appetizers, main dishes, and sides are naturally gluten free, and the food is quite good. Many of the servers are Turkish, and having a Turkish-language restaurant card might be helpful. While they were quite willing to respond to specific instructions, it was not always clear that they completely understood what was being asked.

2 thoughts on “Anatolia Café”

  1. Eileen writes: Anatolia Cafe is one of the most gluten friendly restaurants I’ve ever been. If you are dying for gyro meat it isn’t gluten free so try the “Doner”. It’s very similar to gyro meat. They also have wonderful dips like hummus and baba ganoush. While they don’t have any pita bread we can eat you can order a small plate of vegetables to use for the dips.

    I’ve also had the stuffed grape leaves and their rice is excellent and safe. Their kebabs are also great. Always double check everything when you order.

  2. I was glutened horribly here.. twice. I actually gave them a second chance. That was AFTER speaking to everyone under the sun about what I can and can’t have and being reassured that they could handle it. I will never eat here again.

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