Ask the Dietitian: Do hops in beer contain gluten?

Question: This question is in regards to ngb Gluten Free Lager. Where does the hops come from, or maybe better stated, what it hops, exactly? I always thought it was from barley, which is, of course, not gluten free.

Answer: Thank you for your excellent question, Aston. You are certainly not the first person to think hops provide gluten to beer – it is a common misconception! In fact, hops are indeed gluten-free and not derived in any way from wheat, barley, or rye. Hops are actually flowers from a hop plant and they provide flavor and aroma to beer. (Similarly, many think it is caraway seeds in rye bread which are gluten-containing. Caraway seeds are also gluten-free and can be added to gluten-free bread to resemble what we think of as rye.) Enjoy your hops! 🙂

Trisha B. Lyons, RDN, LD

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