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Ask the Dietitian: Gluten in medications

Question: I have been advised by my primary doctor not to use perscription drugs because they do not have to say if the fillers they use are wheat or barley. My insurance charges more for non generic and some of the meds are unafordable. Can you give me advise on this as It’s costly enough ... Read more

Ask the Dietitian: Eating Gluten-Free While in Hospital

Question: I have to stay at [a local hospital overnight and they are not very helpful with gluten free options. I was told I have to pick food off the regular menu. I can’t believe a hospital does not have gf food. Suggestions? Thanks. Answer: Thank you for writing with this excellent question. Patients who require ... Read more

2 thoughts on “Ask the Dietitian”

  1. Hi, is hungry jack original syrup gluten free? I called smuckers and they said it is, but wanted to be extra sure. We are getting glutened somewhere and trying to figure it out.

    Thank you!

    1. Kelli,

      You’ve done what we all need to do in the event of a question about an item. The manufacturer will be your best resource or you can send a message to to see if they have tested this product or if they are planning on doing so.

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