Beachland Ballroom

East, Collinwood area, Waterloo neighborhood.

Beachland Ballroom
15711 Waterloo Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44110

Mariann writes:

This Sunday Brunch rocks!  Not only is there a DJ playing from vinyl, rocking two turntables so that there is a nary a pause from the tunes but the menu just rolls from one Gluten-free delight to the next!  By the time I made the decision which of the wonders I was going to choose from I had changed my mind 6 times.  First there was the Basic Breakfast or the Latkes and Apple Sauce or Eggs Beachland (including biscuits) or Buckwheat Pancakes or Deep South Biscuits and Gravy or seriously there is Chicken and Waffles:)  and while I was hyperventilating over all of these I turned the menu over only to see the clincher – Scrapple and Eggs!!    As a former resident of Philadelphia and passionate about Scrapple, I was In Love!!  I know you will be too!  But there is still more on the menu for your eyes and your belly to delight with!  Good luck deciding.  Better yet make it a date to go back over and over!!    Beachland is not a fussy place – it is basic and unpretentious – some might say it is a bit rough around the edges.  But the food is divine and if you are not a Sunday morning diner they do dinners and lunches plus you could catch a show too!  My fellow diners included a Vegan, Vegetarian and Traditional Omnivore – we all raved about our options!

One thought on “Beachland Ballroom”

  1. Hey Mariann,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write a wonderful review about our Sunday brunch!
    We work very hard prepping all week to make it consistently the best we possibly can.
    Our chefs are truly creative with all the options, as well as meeting the challenge to make everything from scratch.
    Please also try our Saturday lunch from 11am-3pm. Many of the brunch favorites are on that menu + items that aren’t made any other day of the week.
    Thanks again for spreading the word!
    Beachland Brunch Manager

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