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Mariann writes:

The BRM line has many options for the gluten-free cook and baker including Rice flours, Tapioca, Almond, Corn, etc.

 Recently I purchased a bag of BRM corn flour. When I got it home I noticed that it did not have a gluten-free statement on the package so I contacted the company. According to their representative, BRM has two separate manufacturing facilities – one for traditional processing and another dedicated to gluten-free processing.

It is important if you are purchasing BRM that the package contain the BRM symbol for gluten-free – that symbol will only appear on packages processed in the dedicated facility – the symbol is a red circle with a chaff of wheat in the middle and a slash mark through it to indicate ‘no wheat’.  

 If there is no symbol then the grain was processed in the traditional facility and cannot be considered gluten-free.


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