Boneyard Grille

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations – Independently Operated

101 E. Royalton Road
Broadview Heights OH 44147
corner of Royalton Road and Broadview Road

5900 Mayfield Road
Mayfield Heights OH 44124


Tonia says:

Boneyard Grille in Broadview Hts. has an small  gluten free menu and carries Red Bridge beer.


2 thoughts on “Boneyard Grille”

  1. The menu at The Boneyard in Broadview Heights appears to have been put together quickly without much attention to detail. I appreciate that they have done SOMETHING but receiving their GF menu was not particularly reassuring. They make broad statements but do not feel comfortable that they’ve checked ingredients carefully. For example, under the Sandwiches heading on their GF menu, it states “All Sandwiches minus bread except fried buffalo chicken and chicken parmesan”… that’s all! I did the best I could to make a safe choice and will say the food was quite tasty! They don’t have any potato options (e.g. baked or redskin) to replace the fries which is always a nice substitution to be able to make. Grateful for the effort made but wish they would provide more details in effort to give peace of mind to their gluten-free customers.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience dining at The Boneyard John. It’s surprising how many chain restaurants have a tough time in making the transition to providing g-f items on their menus.

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