Multiple Locations


also at:  facebook.com/BurgerFi/

Cuyahoga Falls
2002 Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, United States
(330) 923-8701

8748 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH 44060, United States

Eileen writes:

BurgerFi is a newish chain in our area with 2 locations in NEOhio.   When I asked about getting their burger that they wrap in lettuce instead of a bun I was warned that the buns are everywhere in the kitchen. I wished that the employee would have said, “We have a procedure for that.” Now that I think about it I wish every restaurant I go to and say, I have to eat gluten-free or I have celiac would say that.

The nice thing about BurgerFi is that they have a lettuce wrap in a little cellophane baggie that goes halfway up the burger so that you can hold it and eat it.  I was surprised that it was 50 cents extra but it was so nice I was happy to pay it.

I also sent a comment to BurgerFi on their website suggesting that they have a procedure for preparing and serving GF.

One thought on “BurgerFi”

  1. I just prefer my burgers at Eat ‘n Park. When I identify as a Celiac, the manager personally comes to assure me they have my back. Their hamburgers are delicious and the GF buns (cost a little extra but soooo worth it) are so delicious and stay in tact to the last bite.

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