Cafe Avalaun

Warrensville Heights

also locate at


4640 Richmond Rd.  (just past Emery Rd.)
Suite 200
Warrensville Heights,  OH  44128

Open 7-3 pm
Mon. thru Fri.
Also by Appointment

!!!100 % GLUTEN FREE Restaurant and Bakery!!!

Serving Breakfast, Omelets, Yogurt and Fruit, Toast, Biscuits,
English Muffins, and Assorted Pastries,
as well as both Sweet and Savory Crepes.
Beverages also served – Assorted Coffees, Teas and Hot Chocolate

9 thoughts on “Cafe Avalaun”

  1. Today is Valentines Day but Tim and I celebrated on Sunday evening by having a lovely Valentines Dinner at Cafe Avalaun. Chef Brian’s creations were beautifully plated and scrumptiously indulgent. We started with the Cauliflower Trio (for Tim) and the Oyster Trio for me! Both took high marks for creativity and flavor. Tim had the more traditional Arugula Salad and I chose the Ribbon Salad created by interlacing ribbons of root vegetables with arugula and finishing with an amazing citrus vinaigrette. For entrees we chose the Potato Gnocchi and the Deconstructed Beef Wellington and shared our dishes since we could not decide between the two. Both were spectacular in flavor, aroma and presentation! To finish – Petit Fours and Cream Puffs – neither of which I have had since being g-f – both which were just perfect.

  2. I’ve been making my way to Cafe Avalaun at least one day each week, rerouting my day to make it convenient to stop and indulge! I am never disappointed. Recently I stopped in for the Mexican Hot Chocolate, spicy and divine – try one! Then I stopped in for a quick pick up of a Fast Sammy, yummy biscuit – scrambled egg – bacon – cheddar! Then!! oh then!! since I was there I decided to have a Chai Tea Latte – this is the most divine cup of Chai I have ever had and I make my own at home:/ No syrup! No powder! This is the real deal, spiced just right – sweetened to perfection – hot, steamy, and spicy! You’ve gotta have it. Also noted the menu includes a chicken and waffle dish special and a new offering for Spring – Fall Lenten Fish Fry in Fridays – get you there please, but save me some too:)

  3. While heading home today after a full day of post holiday tasks I decided to head over to Cafe Avalaun, pick up some lunch and take it home for later. There were a number of things on the menu I was interested in trying but a wrap seemed the most efficient given the already hectic day. I chose the Italian – salami, pepperoni, and ham wrapped in a plain crepe with lettuce, roasted tomato and garlic aioli. The wrap was a great choice – the flavors were super yummy together – a bit of spice from the meats, a smooth coolness of the aioli, the crisp of the fresh lettuce and bits of sweet tomato made for a totally enjoyable treat! I’m already planning my next stop – to dine in and try the Oh Canada Crepe.

  4. Had lunch yesterday. So great to know EVERYTHING is gluten free. I enjoyed the soup of the day, scallop bisque, and a turkey club panini. Amazing number of great looking baked goods. So fun!

  5. Working in the bakery of this establishment as pastry assistant, I do bring a bit of bias to this conversation. However, I sought this job because I was blown away by Pastry Chef Maggie Downey’s ability to create GF “unicorns;” confections I had never seen work without gluten, and which tasted like little dreams come true. In the bakery case, you will find samples of these: buttery gluten-free brioches, delicate eclairs of sophisticated flavor palates, small artisan cakes crafted with real buttercreams, all utilizing traditional French pastry methods. Alongside these, there are delicious cookies, bars, muffins, quick breads, and biscotti, all you might desire for a morning or afternoon snack, sweet breakfast, or tasty dessert.

    In addition to the bakery case, I had the privilege of sampling the vegan panini… and I was in heaven. Hearty gluten-free vegan bread, roasted vegetables, and a seed pesto were just dreamy. Being able to eat safely (the kitchen, I can vouch, is locked-down, dedicated gluten-free), and also have my dietary choices not only respected (I am a vegan), but elevated with delicious food is amazing, to me. I am so grateful to the Cafe Avalaun staff for making this experience (a fulfilling meal out free of stress and full of goodness) possible for someone like myself.

    I thoroughly enjoyed both my meal and my experience, and I look forward to many more.

  6. Breakfast at Cafe Avalaun today was a lovely Crepe stuffed with Scrapple, Eggs, Apples and topped with bit of Maple Syrup! Yup, a sweet style crepe for breakfast, it was late though almost lunch:) I am a lover of all things that include scrapple but if you are not a fan of that much loved dish of Pennsylvania Chef Brian Doyle has lots more on his menu – you are sure to find one to suit your fancy. Try the Mexican Hot Chocolate – which I could not resist – Super creamy with just the right amount of delayed heat! Took a couple of baked goods along for a home tasting too…… try the apple tarts when they are available, sweet and tender.

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