Compola’s Tasty Pizza

Suburban East/Lyndhurst

5101 Mayfield Road
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124

(440) 449-1252


Adrienne has shared her experience at this restaurant:

I had a wonderful GF pizza at this restaurant (a real treat!) and it was very good. They have been at this location for many years…. They do follow good practices against cross contamination and they wear gloves too.
We had a large pizza, and even my long suffering non-GF husband liked the thin and crispy crust. That pizza oven makes all the difference!
I did not ask about the pizza sauce, more like a marinara. Sauces don’t bother me as much as the pizza dough would. We also had onion and pepperoni toppings, both not a problem.
I think it was $17.00 for a large, not inexpensive, but it was at least 8 slices and very tasty. It just felt great to get out and eat a pizza with other people and feel ‘normal’. I know it has been at least 4 1/2- 5 years for me!!!
The owner was very accommodating and appreciative and very willing to share his knowledge, but of course I knew a great deal more!!!
He and his wife have had many requests over the years, so he found a distributor and got to work on it. He says he maintains sterile practices, and I asked about it, too. I also had no GI issues, which was fine with me!!!
I really hope he can draw GF people to the restaurant….I will definitely go again. It’s a small family run place and very homey.

NOTE: GF pizza crust comes in wrapped frozen from a GF company.
Per telephone, they said toppings were in separate bins, and separate pans were used. 4 piece & 8 piece size.
GF menu may be coming soon


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4 thoughts on “Compola’s Tasty Pizza”

  1. I have been making my own gluten free pizzas for years, but desperately wanted the option of a gluten free take out pizza. Tasty’s met the challenge. I love their gluten free pizza. What a bonus that they are located in the same city where we live.

  2. We just moved to Mayfield Heights and tried this place out. We love Tommy’s Pizza on the west side and were thrilled to find someplace near us that had excellent pizza that we could sit down and eat IN their restaurant. It reminded me of the pizza I had growing up on the south side of Chicago. The sauce was spot-on! It will be a really great treat for when my pizza-loving family (3 of us w/ celiac disease) come to visit from Chicago!

  3. I got take out pizza tonight and it was delicious. A thin crust with generous toppings. The large, 2 topping, 8 cut pizza was $20. The New Planet GF beer was $3. They seem very careful with the preparation.

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