Corned Beef List (GF) for St. Pat’s and Beyond

Corned beef should be gluten free. It’s basically salted beef. However meat is NOT regulated by the FDA. It is regulated by the USDA which (the majority of the time) follows FDA guidelines for wheat and gluten free labeling. Having said that…..

The labels or websites for the following brands state that their products as ‘gluten-free’:
• Colorado Premium – all corned beef products
• Freirich – all corned beef
Giant Eagle (listed on package)
• Grobbel’s Gourmet corned beef briskets
• Hormel
• Market Day: Corned Beef Brisket per their product key
• Mosey’s corned beef per Costco website
• Wegmans corned beef brisket
• Thumann’s cooked corn beef brisket, first cut corned beef (cooked and raw), top round corned beef (cooked), cap and capless corned beef.

As always, please verify that your choice is gluten free.

Happy St. Pat’s day and beyond!

This list was last checked March, 2015

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