Cowell and Hubbard

Downtown, Playhouse Sq.

1305 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Here’s a report from Bette about her experience:

Zach Bruell’s newest restaurant makes a point of accommodating gluten free diners. On my visits, they’ve proudly presented me with grilled gluten free bread and my own serving of olive oil for dipping. The servers are careful to check with the chefs about whether specific items are gluten free, and some items on the menu can be modified (a different sauce, for instance) to be made gluten free.

One caution: On my first visit, the server assured me that a particular desert was safe, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (and had no problem). On my next visit, when I ordered it again, the server told me it had gluten.

If you go, plan to arrive after  7, since this is a popular spot for theater audiences. The place clears out a bit at curtain time.

One thought on “Cowell and Hubbard”

  1. Multiple wonderful experiences at Cowell and Hubbard have left this as my favorite place to dine downtown. Servers have always been helpful and attentive with much effort among the staff towards accommodating the gluten-free diet. Sadly, as of my last visit they still had not stocked gluten-free beer and they do not serve a hand baked gluten-free bread (it is bagged bread). But, there are numerous items on the menu that are Celiac friendly including the Frisee Salad with Chicken Livers (appetizer offering but can be served as an entree) and the Pork Stack appetizer – my two personal faves! Dessert from my last visit was a meringue shell with ice cream – we drizzled it with a little liqueur at our table – Super Yum!

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