Dining Out G-F in NEO

April, 2017

Jilly’s Music Room   

NEOCN first published the link to Jilly’s Music Room back in Sept. 2014 when Jill contacted us to register as a presenter at our April 2015 Vendor Fair. I’m embarrassed to say that it took me almost two years before I ventured out to JMR to check out the menu and dine on-site.  JMR is 100% gluten-free!

What a wonderful surprise awaited us on a lovely Saturday afternoon!  We started with fried mushrooms and fried artichokes and then……

we followed up with a sampling of sliders,

Grilled brie, applewood smoked bacon, and fig jam.
Fried bologna with yellow mustard and pickle.
Tuna slider with field greens and vinaigrette.
Flank steak, roasted red pepper, cheese, and fig jam.

Ice cold Bard’s beer and this Saturday afternoon was a complete success.

JMR sits in an area of Akron that will be experiencing some real construction headaches in the coming months.  Like many areas of NEO.  Let this not deter you,  please!! —- RATHER —- make it a point to persevere and head there anyway.  You will be treated to amazing delectables and be providing a community service to a local shop that will need guests to make the effort for them.  Businesses struggle under our road construction projects so it is in our interest to go the extra mile or more!   You’ll be glad you made the trek.


In the past month the name of Astoria Market and Cafe came up in at least 3 different conversations.  How could I not be intrigued.  We headed out to Astoria on a Thursday evening after work and before heading back downtown to the theater.  Our arrival coincided with a private event going on at the cafe so we were considering turning around and heading back downtown but happily we continued to our destination.  The market portion includes Mediterranean specialty cheese and meat deli, coolers of beer, wines, and other beverages, freezers of frozen specialties and shelves of interesting dry goods. The cafe portion is spacious and comfortable with a staff that is attentive and welcoming.  It turns out that they have a separate party room so the cafe had lots of room for walk-in guests.  By the time we were served our meals all the tables in the cafe were filled.

The cafe menu is Tapas style but the big plates are generous and filling so there is something for everyone.

We shared a bowl of olives and started our meal with Avgolemono Chicken Soup with Rice – a classic Greek soup of chicken broth, egg yolks and lemon juice.
Following the soup we shared Stuffed Grape Leaves – some of the best I have ever eaten!
I did not choose an entrée this night because I was full from the hearty soup and grape leaves.
But my husband, who does not require a g-f diet, chose an entrée of Ricotta Ravioli and Meatballs.  He declared the dish ‘amazing’.

Dine. Sip. Shop. Chill.  This is the motto of Astoria and they are doing a great job of making it happen.  Check it out.



If you’ve been following my posts you know that I go to The Fairmount in Cleveland Hts. a lot!  There are many good reasons for going – the location, the food, the beer (Bard’s), the phenomenal staff!! the great atmosphere, the outdoor patio, the camaraderie and energy!  All I really want to share here, this month, is the picture of my recent burger.  Because this burger was plated with such care it was presented as a piece of art!  And, every dish that is presented at The Fairmount will leave you feeling that your meal was made special for you!

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