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(Controversial) Multiple Locations

Domino’s has pizza with gluten free crust.

Monday, Domino’s, the world’s largest delivery pizza chain, will announce plans to sell a pizza made with a gluten-free crust.

That is the thrilling start to the article on  What follows is quite concerning:

“We are the first national pizza delivery chain to offer this,” boasts Domino’s CMO Russell Weiner, who notes that while the crust is certified gluten-free, the pizza is still prepared in ovens with pizzas that aren’t gluten-free, so folks who are extra-sensitive need to be aware. The gluten-free pizza costs about $3 more. Most gluten-free products typically do cost more to make.

From the Domino’s press release:

While Domino’s new Gluten Free Crust is appropriate for those with mild gluten sensitivity, Domino’s and the NFCA do not recommend it for those with celiac disease. Domino’s and the NFCA found that while the crust is certified as gluten free, current store operations at Domino’s cannot guarantee that each handcrafted pizza will be completely free from gluten.

So, the crust is certified GF, but cross-contamination is a real concern.  I think I’ll skip it.  How about you?  Have you tried it?  Share your experience by commenting below.


7 thoughts on “Domino’s Pizza”

  1. I have to say that I appreciate their attempt and candor, unlike some other chains who claim gluten free–but aren’t and don’t have the warnings. I think that we need to not be up in arms, but take steps to educate Domino’s about how they can improve their practices. We have to not come out with our tar and feathers, though, or other chains will be terrified of doing anything gluten free.

  2. The NFCA & Dominoes dropped the ball here. If your going to make GF products then you do everything possible to ensure the products can be eaten by everyone who has Celiac’s, regardless of the severity. It is my opinion that Dominoes simply wants to sell pizzas.

  3. It is great that Dominos or any food company wants to offer gluten free food to its patrons but they should do it correctly or not at all! Obviously due diligence and research was not done on Dominos part to be able to serve a truly gluten free product to Celiac’s. The NFCA really failed us this time – shame on them.

  4. Well, I never liked Dominos pizza when I could eat it. No, I will not be eating Domino’s “gluten-free” pizza. And yes, I read all of the disclaimers and fine print put out by the NFCA about the matter.

    First, and duh, what the heck does NFCA stand for? Well, I looked it up: National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. CELIAC awareness. It is irresponsible for NFCA to certify/endorse a product that is not safe for persons with celiac disease! This is the sort of thing that really harms people with celiac disease. For us, it is always a risk dining out.

    I’ve been strictly gf for almost 7 years since I was diagnosed with celiac disease and I never knowingly eat gluten. I have learned from personal experience that cross-contamination matters and is not safe for people with celiac disease. I am extremely well-informed about my condition and food options. When I travel and if I do not take my own food and must eat out for every meal, no matter how careful I am, by day 3 I am sick. Not a nice way to spend vacation. So I eat out very selectively and rarely.

    As a company, Domino’s is out to make a buck and the heck with the consequences. NFCA — you did a Susan Komen. Re-name yourselves NFGFH: National Foundation for Gluten-Free Hobby-ists. Shame on all of you!

  5. I ordered Gluten Free pizza by phone from the Willoughby store on May 12th. I asked what toppings were GF and they said any of them.
    When I went to pick it up, I asked where the GF pizza was prepared?
    The girl pointed to the counter, next to the other pizzas. There was yellow corn meal flour everywhere. She said sometimes when they are busy, they use the same counter, but wipe it off. She said there pizzas are for people with “mild Celiac Disease”. I won’t be going back there.

  6. One has to give Domino’s at least some credit for trying to do it. However, they really should have enlisted experienced people in the effort and it sounds as though they did but too late.

    I believe it would be very difficult for ANY large chain to be able to say with any degree of surety that their products are GF. And to train their part-time teenaged employees into responsible parties to explain anything is next to impossible.

    Their entire environment is not conducive to anything special. The kitchens are small and cluttered – there is no room for separated anything. And the pell mell pace they often have to work in is too chaotic to pay that much special attention to a unique order.

    This isn’t only Domino’s. This pertain to most big chains. They all have the same environment of high production of identical items.

    I think the situation they have created will create more doubt and fear among any Celiac or Sensitive. But then, they don’t patronize there anyways.

  7. Why bother??? Make it totally gluten free and then everyone can eat it. What about those that didn’t get the message that it’s NOT for those with Celiac’s etc.? Why even take the chance of making someone sick? One of the things my son misses so much is good pizza….what a way to ruin Domino’s reputation

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