Edible Canada at the Market

Vancouver, BC Canada


212-1551 Johnston St.
Granville Island,  Vancouver
British Columbia. CANADA

A Note from Mariann – June 2015 – My Summer Vacation:)

In June I traveled to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Olympia WA, Puget Sound San Juan Islands, finishing up in Vancouver, BC, Canada! 

The following commentary relates to our meal at Edible Canada at the Market on Granville Island!

We had a wonderful encounter in Vancouver while visiting Granville Market.  After repeated attempts to find a place to enjoy an evening cocktail with dinner, that would allow me to partake, Tim and I wandered into the courtyard at Edible Canada.  A Bistro, Artisan Store and Canadian specialty small batch treat shop (more on that in a minute) with lots of options and accommodations available for gluten-free dining.

To start – the bar stocks a local g-f brew, the Whistler Brewery,  g-f Lager,  Forager!  A great beer.   We dined on Chorizo Chowder, Salmon, and Sturgeon,  with locally harvested fresh vegs,   Dinner was a delight!  Ambiance amazing!  and the Service was spectacular – thank you Laura! 

After dinner we sat at the bar for a coffee and hot chocolate drink while simultaneously taking side trips in the Artisan store – stocking up on handmade caramel popcorn, dark chocolate coated sponge candy, cake-in-a-jar, smoked salmon, and sea salts. 

When you have the opportunity to escape away for a break – Vancouver is an amazing place to visit- The city is full of g-f friendly options and with super informed staff.  My suggestion would be this –  if the person at the door has no clue what you are asking when making a g-f inquiry don’t go there – keep looking for options in the neighborhood or just head to the dock and take the Aquabus across the harbor to Granville Harbor for your shopping and dining pleasures.  You will not be disappointed:)


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