First Watch

Multiple Locations

Gluten Free Guide

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS –  locations are independent and options may vary

1431 Som Center Road
Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

13950 Cedar Rd.
University Heights, OH 44118

6025 Kruse Drive
Solon, OH 44139

19340 Detroit Road
Rocky River, OH 44116

168 Market St.
Westlake, OH 44145

3265 West Market Street
Fairlawn, OH 44333

And elsewhere.

TO NOTE:  Not all First Watch locations are providing the same options as the restaurants are franchised.  Please call ahead for details  your benefit.

7 thoughts on “First Watch”

  1. My aunt always taught me not to go on my first impression … always try something twice, so I returned to the First Watch in Cuyahoga Falls. I had a wonderful waitress named Stacey. She understood how serious it was to keep away from gluten as well as cross-contamination. Ordered an omelet and was just fine. I’ve since learned that it’s good to get to know a few people that work at the restaurant if you’re going to frequent it. I’ve been back many times since my first visit, but always ask for the same people to handle my food. If you visit this location, ask for Stacey or Jen as your waitress, or for Cooper (the manager) to make your food. They all know me now and I feel completely safe with them.

  2. Visited the First Watch in Macedonia recently. The experience could not have been worse. The restaurant, while decorated beautifully, is NOT friendly to people with celiac disease. I’ve been gluten-free for many years so I am well-aware of the right words to use to get good results. This chain does not have a GF menu and the manager told me rather curtly to go to their website to look up available info (what if I didn’t have a smartphone?). The allergen menu itself is poor. Jus about everything said CONTAINS WHEAT (even all of the omelets and salads which should be free of it). The chain took the lazy way out by saying “contains wheat” because there is toast served with a dish instead of saying “gluten-free except for the toast” or some such language. The server, while nice, knew little about the way the food was prepared but was helpful to run back to the kitchen and check a few things. I will never return to a First Watch as they clearly don’t care about business from those of us with special dietary needs.

  3. Went to the location in Cuyahoga Falls about 2 months ago … first time at a First Watch. Told my waitress about my Celiac requirements. They clearly mark ‘Gluten’ on your order ticket, which is nice. It all seemed very safe, but I ended up sick the rest of the day. All I can figure is either cross-contamination or something unusual in their potatoes. I haven’t been back.

    1. Thank you for sharing Linda! We are sorry to hear that you were sickened after dining at First Watch. We would like to
      invite you to attend our next dinner out meeting which is scheduled for this Wed. evening, Jan. 11, 2017 at Bomba Tacos
      in Rocky River. The kinds of situations that you just encountered are just some of the things we discuss and share in order
      to increase our abilities to dine out and be safe!

  4. TO NOTE: Not all First Watch locations are providing the same options as the restaurants are franchised. Please call ahead for details for your benefit.

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