Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Multiple Locations

Multiple locations in Ohio and around the country.

Made to order burgers, hand cut fries, and now Shakes!

from Mariann:
From my experience at Five Guys there are no g-f buns but there has been good protocol for handling g-f orders.  The staff has been careful to prep the burger with clean gloves, on a clean surface.  The burgers are usually made in a lettuce wrap style and since they are custom made you get to pick your toppings.  In all of the locations I have eaten in the fries have been cooked in a dedicated fryer so that makes them safe to eat for g-f diners. 

I have heard that some locations may season their batches of fries
– so ask –
Always ask and confirm the standards of each location!!

I have not dined at a location since they introduced Shakes – so if anyone has any info on that post us a message………



3 thoughts on “Five Guys Burgers and Fries”

  1. Went to 5 Guys in Mayfield with my family for quick late lunch. Ordered my GF burger and fries as well as my daughter’s orders. Cashier was very knowledgeable. Food was exceptionally fast (10 minutes for complete order) and really good.

      1. My experience at all Ohio locations that I have dined is that there are NOT g-f buns. Burger is created as a lettuce wrap.

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