GF Chicken Nuggets

From Tim:

Giant Eagle in Beachwood is carrying Gluten Free Tyson chicken bags.  They
were the same price ($6.99) as the regular with almost the same quantity.

Thanks, Tim, for sharing.

I saw both Tyson and Purdue GF chicken nuggets at the Giant Eagle in Willoughby.

I haven’t tried these products.  But I am a big fan of the Bell and Evans

GF chicken tenders.

Have you tried them?  Do you have a favorite GF chicken nugget or tender?  Do you make your own?  Please share your comments.

3 thoughts on “GF Chicken Nuggets”

  1. Tried both the Perdue and Tyson GF nuggets/tenders. Much preferred the Perdue, as the Tyson had a strange texture and taste. But, still like Bell and Evans best.

  2. The Walmart in Wadsworth has the Perdue GF Chicken Tenders (22 oz) for $5.48. They are better than the Tyson non Gf chicken nuggets and easier than making your own. They has also just started carying the Conti frozen raviolli for $4.97

  3. The Walmart in Wadsworth now has the Perdue GF Chicken Tenders (22 oz) for $5.48. They are good . (Better than Tyson non GF chicken nuggets.) A lot easier than making our own, too. They also just started carrying the frozen Conti raviolli for $4.97.

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