GF Halloween Candy Lists 2014

Don’t let the treats play tricks on you!

Having trouble figuring out what candy is gluten free? This is a great opportunity to review new candy lists that are updated annually. These GF Halloween candy lists are only meant as guides. Remember that ingredients can change without notice.  Always double check labels and ingredients.

Candy companies are changing candy bars to minis, bites, and seasonal shapes. While the original candy bar might have been gluten free, these variations may NOT be. For example, it is wonderful that Hershey’s still offers a gluten free list. However, Hershey’s left York minis, shapes, and pieces off the list. They also left off Mr. Goodbar. When we talked to a supervisor, they said these items have not yet been certified, but will be reviewed in the future. So for now, make safe choices, and candy may be marked gluten free in the future.

Halloween Candy Lists:
Hershey List

Celiac Disease

CDF List


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