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Judy reports on her recent trip to Chicago:

We had a fabulous time in Chicago.  We went to the German restaurant and Roses Bakery.  Also, a restaurant/bakery called OMG! It’s Gluten Free, which is a gluten free facility.  They had the best chicken fingers.  They specialize in gf lasagna and chicken parmesan.  MaryLou and I both got frozen dinners to take home. They screwed up our order at the table so they gave both of us a free pound of choc chip cookie dough for home baking.  The place is in Frankfort.  But the absolute best of all was the French Cafe that did crepes.  OMG!!!!!  This was the best we have ever had of any gf restaurant!  We went to dinner Wed. night and loved it so much that we did breakfast there too on Thur. It’s a tiny place with 8 small tables and french ambiance with french music.  This french chef (he is literally French Morrocan trained in France) developed his own recipes for gf crepes.  He does savory, dessert, and breakfast crepes. All of the items on the menu can be made gf and he also does dairy free, soy free, corn free,  —  any allergy.  The place is called La France and is located in Lombard.  If you are in the Chicago area, this is an absolute must go.  The chef was so tickled that we would put his restaurant on our website that he kissed my hand.  Yikes!!

Here’s a list of the restaurants:

1) Bavaria Hof Restaurant in Schaumburg, IL – Gluten Free German food and beer Large gluten free menu

2) Rose’s Bakery & Cafe, Central St., Evanston IL. Worth the drive, lunch menu and bakery! GF Pita bread for wraps
Update: Closed.

3) OMG..It’s Gluten Free, Bakery & Café, Frankfort IL

4) La France, Lombard IL,  Gluten Free Crepes!

Wish we had these restaurants in Cleveland.  I might need to take a road trip.

Have you eaten at any of these restaurants?  Feel free to add your favorites to the list.

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  1. I tried the link for additional GF Chicago restaurants and it is very comprehensive-
    The link’s author just got a new job and admits she has not been active since 2014 on her website, so I would suggest switching to her Facebook page for updates. But it is so well done, it is still a great resource!

    My son goes to Northwestern so I am particularly interested in Evanston, Illinois which is half an hour north of Chicago. It lists:

    Blind Faith Café—525 Dempster St.
    Celtic Knot— 626 Church ST
    Flat Top Grill—- 707 Church St.
    Bravo —-1701 Maple Ave
    Lyfe Kitchen— Orrington Ave.

    My Chicago Favorites:
    Wildberry Pancake Café (breakfast and lunch only) near Millenium Park; & in Schaumburg
    Wildfire –Chicago Celiac Center has had its fundraisers here. Separate GF menu! Several locations in Chicago area!

    Chicago is a great food town. Even if you are gluten free! On a sad note, Rose’s GF Café closed. I miss it!!!

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