Gluten Free 101: Grocery Shopping/Getting Started

Gluten Free 101
Grocery Shopping–Getting Started on the Gluten Free Diet in Northeast Ohio

NEOCN-Northeast Ohio Celiac Network
Written by Laurie Sammon

There is more information at the Celiac Disease Foundation: or at Grocery shopping will take a little longer in the beginning. Plan to take your time and your reading glasses…

1) Learn unsafe ingredients
NOT allowed: Wheat, Barley, & Rye. Oats are not allowed unless marked gluten free.
Wheat on a food label includes these names:
Flour, bulgur, semolina, spelt, frumento, durum (also spelled duram), kamut, graham, einkorn, farina, couscous, seitan, matzoh, matzah, matzo, cake flour, hydrolyzed wheat protein, wheat starch, wheat germ, tritcale-a hybrid of wheat & rye, emmer, faro, udon, panko, bran
Wheat grass and buckwheat are gluten free even though they have wheat in their names.
Barley includes malt, malt flavoring, & orzo.
Rye is not as common in foods
Oats- Only use Gluten Free Oats: Cream Hill Estates, Gluten Freeda, Bob’s Red Mills, etc.
(Caution: these companies may have regular as well as gluten free oats. Please read label carefully)

2) Learn hidden sources of gluten.
High Probability:
Bouillon, broth, imitation seafood, Play Doh, communion wafers, licorice, beer,
soy sauce, gravy, spice blends, seasonings, flavorings, brewer’s yeast, canned soup.

3) Get acquainted with new gluten free brands.
Contes, Bell and Evans, Udi’s, Rudi’s , Against the Grain, French Meadow, Glutino, Betty Crocker GF mixes, GF Bisquick, Bob’s Red Mill, Kinnikinnick, Pamela’s, Chex, Post Coco Pebbles, GF Rice Krispies, 123 Gluten Free, San-J soy sauce, La Choy soy sauce, Goodbye Gluten Bread.

4) Prevent cross contamination in your home and educate your family.
Separate toasters, colanders, food storage and food prep areas. Beware of shared butter, peanut butter, jelly, mayo jars- -toast crumbs can contaminate. Learn about toaster bags for travel.

5) Restaurants–our website offers 50+ restaurants that offer GF Menus. Print out
the menu, and be prepared to ask questions. Calling ahead to talk to the manager is recommended. If in doubt about the restaurant’s knowledge, do not give them your business. If they do well, tell them and tip accordingly. We want to encourage gluten free dining.

Where to shop in Greater Cleveland/Northeast Ohio:

• Mustard Seed: Designated GFsection. GF Taste Fair in October. Solon & Fairlawn.
• Heinen’s : 17 locations; 8 are designated as wellness centers that may have more GF items. GF Taste Fair in spring/fall. All locations have designated GF area with GF foods also marked in each aisle.
• Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle now has its own line of gluten free products. Market District stores have dietitians who do GF Tastings and “GF In Aisle Excursions”.
• Whole Foods: Woodmere & University Hts. Udi’s bread available shelf ready, not frozen. They have their own national GF bakehouse.
• Aldi’s, Target, Walmart, Costco, Marc’s- surprisingly have increased GF options.
• Trader Joe’s: Crocker Park & Chagrin Rd. Keeps gluten free shopping list at customer service.
• Vital Choice: N. Royalton. Smaller store, but 2 aisles of GF food. Great for staples.
• Acme has increased their GF options recently
• Raisin Rack in Canton has probably the largest GF selection in Ohio. Westerville store too.

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