Gluten-Free App Reviews

Brenda Shapiro RD LD, the speaker at last Sunday’s GF Potluck, shared reviews of the 10 top-rated free iPhone apps for gluten-free eating in an article written by Jessica Crandall, RD, CDE, from Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.

  • AllergyEatsMobile Built by members of the food allergy community to rate a restaurant on how well it can accommodate to the needs of customers with specific food allergens. RD Rating: 2 stars
  • CeliacFeed Users can locate gluten-free restaurants and products and share gluten-free experiences and recommendations with others who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. RD Rating: 2 stars
  • Eating Out G-Free Offers tips on how to find a gluten-free menu, create a gluten-free shopping list, lists of foods to avoid and how to stay gluten-free while dining away from the home. Supplements The G-Free Diet, by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. RD Rating: 4 stars
  • Find Me Gluten Free Lists restaurants ratings and reviews based on how gluten-friendly the businesses are in the area. RD Rating: 3 stars
  • Food Additives 2: Free Provides information about additives (such as maximum daily intake, known and potential side effects)and how to avoid additives that are potentially dangerous or unsafe to your health.  RD Rating: 2 stars
  • FoodWiz Used to scan and read product bar codes and find out which products meet needs based on specific allergen restrictions, such as eggs, gluten, dairy or shell fish. RD Rating: 1 star
  • Gluten Free Daily An online guide built to provide education and resources about following a gluten-free diet. RD Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from Allows people managing celiac disease or gluten intolerance to safely and easily dine out, even in another country, with more than 40 card images in different languages. RD Rating: 2 stars
  • Gluten Freed-Gluten Free Dining for Health and Celiac Acts as a gluten-free restaurant finder for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. RD Rating: 3 stars
  • iGlutenfree By i3G Software, Inc. is another popular gluten-free app, but is not rated here since it is a regional app
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What is your experience with these apps?  Have you found useful apps for Android phones?

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