Gluten Free Matzah

Here’s an interesting discussion of gluten free matzah.  The process of making matzah kosher for passover is quite complex.  And for making gluten free matzah even more. Kedem, a sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation, makes Yehuda Gluten Free Matzo Style Squares.   They also have a number of other products available. This year Kedem is excited to announce a great lineup of products (all gluten free) including a Toasted Onion flavor of last year’s huge hit Yehuda Gluten Free Matzo Style Squares, Yehuda Gluten Free Cake Meal, Jeff Nathan Creations All Natural Gluten Free Panko Flakes and Sweet Goodies Licorice!  Local stores may have a number of these and other gluten free items for passover.  But remember to read labels carefully as many passover items are made with wheat containing matzah, matzah meal, or matzah flour.

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  1. Hello my name is Rob and my wife Elizabeth is a celiac and we tryed the gluten free jeff nathan creations Panko flakes and absolutely fell in love with them. The only problem is we just ran out of them and we are not sure where we could be purchase some more of them. Could you please guide us to where we could go about purchasing more of them hopefully before passover comes around again. Thank you.

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