Thanksgiving Turkey GF


Butterball 800-288-8372
Frozen and fresh whole turkeys are gluten free.
If a gravy packet is included it is also gluten free.
Always read the label.
Butterball GF List:
Nine Butterball products that aren’t gluten free:

Honeysuckle White 316 -683-4691
Fresh and frozen turkeys are gluten free, but always read the label.
Their meatballs & teriyaki tenderloin DO contain gluten

Perdue 800-473-7383
Perdue GF List:

Honey Baked Ham 1-866-492-HAMS(4267)
Glazed sliced roasted turkey breast is GF
Glazed sliced smoked turkey breast is GF
Honey baked ham is GF

On the website the seasonal WHOLE turkey does not say if it is gluten free or not, but when the store manager was called at the Brook Park location, he looked it up and said it was gluten free.
1-216-351-1377 (Brook Park store)

Quote from the HB website: “Please note: You are now free to enjoy any of our signature meats–HoneyBaked Ham, Sliced & Glazed Turkey, Hickory Boneless Ham– without wheat gluten!”

See HB ham page (look for the GF symbol): page. (look for the GF symbol):

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