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  1. Ugh – the downtown location was awful! Server was completely unaware of what GF was, husband carefully explained what he could/could not eat (no bread, nothing from the fryer, etc.). Burger came out, server declared all food was prepared special to accommodate, and there were battered deep-fried onion straws on it. Server was unapologetic, basically shrugged his shoulders and took the plate away. No attempt to correct it, no apology, nothing. Just walked away. Called the manager over, she staunchly defended the server, saying it wasn’t his fault – it was the kitchen (don’t the servers know what they’re serving?) At this point, hubby was afraid to eat ANYTHING. My bowl arrived at this point. I guess I was expected to eat in front of my husband while he watched. I asked for a takeout container, it was obvious our meal was ruined, and they never even offered to comp so much as a soda. Total waste of money and our lunch hour – I will never go to another Harry Buffalo!

  2. My experience at the North Olmsted Harry Buffalo was awful. Ordered a GF chicken, rice and veggie bowl. Was served a pretzel bread stick on my plate, reiterated to the server I had celiac disease and that the breadstick contains gluten. She said “oh the cook accidentaly put that on your plate, everything else is GF.” Because the breadstick was on a separate plate underneath my bowl I began eating. After eating 25% of my meal the manager came out to ask how the food was, then said he had to let me know I was served a gluten filled sauce and had hoped I hadn’t eaten it. Thankfully I had not as it was in a seperate cup on the plate with the breadstick. The manager claimed the bowl was still GF, but when I got home I felt sick and had been glutened. Even if I hadn’t been glutened I would never go to Harry Buffalo again. It’s food is terrible, the restaurant itself leaves a lot to be desired and the staff is very poorly trained. If you have celiac disease or want good food look elsewhere.

    1. Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing your experience! We are so sorry to hear that after making every attempt to advocate for yourself they still dropped the ball on taking care of you. Have you written an email to the corporate? I would do so and share with them the date, the time, and the servers name! Wishing you a full and speedy recovery from this ordeal!

  3. I was unsuccessful in eating at the Highland Heights location. I spoke with the manager before being seated. Because the restaurant was very busy – I visited during a football playoff game – he said that there was a high risk of contamination in the kitchen. He suggested I return at a less busy time when he would be able to personally supervise the preparation of my food. I let him know I was grateful for his honesty. He confirmed the restaurant no longer has gluten free bread and he gave me a take out menu that notes several gluten free items.

  4. Appears that they have removed the GF bread from the menu. Had lunch downtown today and the bread is longer on the menu – the server said they no longer carry it. Lettuce bun still available for burgers.

  5. Jennifer says: Harry Buffalo’s at Great Northern knows their stuff! Went there for dinner tonight. The plastic menu has GF everywhere. I quizzed the waitress on everything from barbeque sauce to the flour used in the banana bread. If she didn’t know, the chef she asked did. The dry rub ribs with steamed veggies and banana bread desert were yummy!
    They have Udi’s bread for sandwiches. No mention of burger buns, but hey, they have our bread! Also have lettuce bun option.

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