Horseshoe Casino

Public Square

100 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44113

216) 297-4777

Worth the Gluten-free Gamble?

So, you’ve worked up an appetite at the casino and want to spend your winnings.  What gluten free options are available?  Don’t bother going downstairs to the buffet as they won’t accommodate you.  Instead head up to the food court. 

If you are in the mood for salad you are in luck.  Rosie & Rocco’s will make any of their salads gluten free.  Just inform the cashier that you need to have the salad made in a clean bowl. 

The B Spot also has salad, as well as tomato soup, pulled pork and, of course, burgers without buns. 

Alternatively, step outside to get some fresh air.  And try one of the many great nearby restaurants.

See our restaurant page for suggestions.

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