Host Family Needed for Exchange Student with Celiac Disease

We received a request from an organization looking to place an exchange student with celiac disease in a US home. If you can help, please contact them using the information below. We have no additional information on this so please contact them directly with questions.

World Heritage International Student Exchange Program is currently placing our high school international exchange students who are scheduled to arrive in August/September with host families across the U.S. In this group of extraordinary students is a young lady from Spain named Maria. Maria has celiac disease. She is used to cooking her own gluten-free food, but of course it would be much easier for Maria if she could live with a family who follows the same type of diet. We would love to place Maria with a wonderful family who understands her dietary needs and can fully support her during her exchange program.
Anyone who is interested in learning more about our program and how they can host Maria for the 2015-16 school year can contact me at 855-967-5399 or email me at You can also check us out at Thank you for your help!
Kristi Habila
World Heritage Coordinator
Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky

World Heritage’s top priority is keeping our students safe. The listing below, with cartoon images, is intended to give you an impression of our students, while providing for their security. Full student profiles, with photos, are available to prospective host families during the application process. Please go to for additional information on selecting the student who will become a member of your family. Thank you for your commitment to student safety while you help make a dream come true!

Maria (15)
Female, SPAIN
Languages: Spanish, English, French
Siblings: None
Mother: Housewife
Father: Railway worker
Religion: Christian
Interests: skiing, basketball, swimming, running, baseball, sailing, music, celiac
Letter to my Host Family:
An active extrovert who is always smiling…that’s how I describe myself. I’m 15 years old and live in the northwest of Spain with my parents and grandparents. I enjoy doing things with my parents. My dad and I sometimes run together and then go to the pool to relax. Or my mom and I will watch a film. I have a poodle named Otto who I love to spend time with. I love sports and try to participate in sports whenever I can. I also spend a lot of time with my friends. We do things like playing games, going to the mall, going to the cinema or going to the park. I love to cook but since I can’t eat gluten I make everything gluten-free. I always make brownies for my friends and family! I said I like sports. In the winter my family goes skiing. In the summer I sail and go fishing with my grandma. I also enjoy basketball, baseball and swimming. Music is also something I enjoy. I took piano lessons for 6 years and only stopped beca! use I no longer had time for it with my studies. I don’t have any brothers or sisters but I enjoy children and often babysit for my neighbors. After high school I would like to study medicine and become either a surgeon or a pediatrician. I know my year in the USA will be difficult at first, but I am very excited about going. The opportunity will make me independent, expose me to more cultures and allow me to meet many different friends. I will try hard to adapt and fit in. Thank you for your hospitality and I hope you are going to be happy with me!

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