Istanbul Grill


NOTE: 6/15/17 Archived by Diane – Closed.


Bette shared her exerience:

Istanbul Grill

2505 Professor Avenue Tremont Cleveland OH 44113
T: (216) 298-4450 F: (216) 373-6555

While there is no gluten free menu, many options on the regular menu are naturally gluten free. For example, many of the meats are cooked on spits that do not come in contact with gluten (it’s important to ask that they not be finished on the grill, which is used to warm breads). The rice and vegetable side dishes, as well as many of the salads, are safe.  And the food is very good. It was easy to get a delicious and healthy gluten free meal.

On my recent visit the server needed to be informed, but was very helpful and accommodating once I explained what was needed.

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