J. Gumbo’s

Cleveland/Public Sq. E. 4th


Many locatons – 2 in the Cleveland area.

226 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland OH 44114.
(216) 291-7403

Diane writes:

Tried J Gumbo’s yesterday.  It is a fast food cajun/creole eatery.  About a half dozen menu items are designated gluten free, including spicy Voodoo Chicken, creamy Bumblebee Stew and a traditional Jambalaya.  Loved that they offer samples, so I tried all of the GF varieties before placing my order.  I enjoyed a bowl of White Chili served over rice.  As I was leaving I saw a menu notation that you can order a 2nd entree for $1 or 3rd for $2 more, served together in one bowl. The next time I would get the spicy Voodoo Chicken in combination with one of the milder offerings.

Located just up from Public Square between Chipotle and Noodlecat.

1 thought on “J. Gumbo’s”

  1. Really enjoyed dinner at the Independence location last night. I made my own combo bowl with Creole Ratatouille and Bumblebee Stew. Sweet-spicy-lots of tomato. Yummy.
    The server was aware of the gluten free menu, but had to be reminded not to bring the included bread. Very casual atmosphere.

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