Jilly’s Music Room

Northside District, Fully Gluten-free


111 N Main Street
Northside District
Akron OH 44308
330-576-5960  (info & voicemail only)

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Jilly writes:
The menu and kitchen at Jilly’s Music Room in Akron is 100% gluten free.

Notes from Mariann (9-14):

Gluten-free beer is available at Jillys Music Room – offering Redbridge, New Planet and Omission (note -Omission is recommended for non-celiac g-f diners only – see our post on Omission)
Traditional beers are available for the friends of g-f diners:)
Specialty cocktails are also available.
Bread products are sourced from Sweet Christine’s G-F Bakery (Philadelphia, PA)
Tortilla chips are housemade.
Cornmeal crusts are used on any encrusted menu items.
No food products contain gluten – No cross contamination issues exist in the preparation of menu items.

Jilly’s brings us an update (2-15)

Jilly’s Music Room in Akron is adding two new gluten free beers this week. 
They will be in stock and ready to serve on Friday, 2/20/15.

Bard’s Gluten Free: http://bardsbeer.com/
Dogfish Head T’weason Ale: http://www.dogfish.com/brews-spirits/the-brews/seasonal-brews/tweasonale.htm
We also serve Redbridge and (the not quite GF) Omission Pale Ale.

A link to our beer menu and information about all of the beer that we serve can be found on our website, and here: https://www.beermenus.com/places/18230-jilly-s-music-room

2 thoughts on “Jilly’s Music Room”

  1. I’m not sure why this restaurant is listed in the “No Gluten-Free Menu” section because it’s entire menu is Gluten Free! Jilly’s is my go-to in Akron for a completely gluten free dining experience!

    1. Thank Connie for bringing us up to date on the Jilly’s experience. It is through our website guests and members that we stay current on everything g-f in the community. When we first listed Jilly’s at our site they were pretty new and we did not have anyone who had any experience dining there. We will welcome your comments and we’ll get this updated ASAP! Keep us posted on any other successes you have in the world of dining out!

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