Joy Gluten Free Sugar Ice Cream Cones

Eileen writes:    

The Joy Gluten Free Sugar Cones are just how you remember them.

I think they taste the same as their regular sugar cones and they are available at Heinen’s and Giant Eagle and Marc’s and other stores.

They might be just a little bit more delicate than the regular cones.
They also come in Gluten Free Regular Cones (they aren’t as tasty but they hold more ice cream).

Make sure your ice cream doesn’t contain anything with gluten like cookies or candy that isn’t gluten free.
So many times we are asked what dessert we can make for a guest coming to a non gluten free house. These ice cream cones save the day and what could be easier and so much fun?



4 thoughts on “Joy Gluten Free Sugar Ice Cream Cones”

  1. You can take these GF cones into local ice cream places i.e Handels, Dairy Queen etc. and they’ll put their ice cream in them. I’ve done this at Dairy Queen no questions asked and it was that easy. It’s a great way to feel like some things haven’t changed and be part of the family fun!

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