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I shopped at Whole Foods earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised to find new Livwell gluten free baked goods, imported from the U.K.  The Seeded Sliced Sandwich Bread ($5.49) greatly exeeded my expectations with its wonderfully bready texture.  And it tastes great, too.  I am looking forward to trying the Crumpets ($4.99) stashed in my freezer.  Other items are available including white sandwich bread, pita bread, scones, english muffins, rolls, and pizza crusts.  According to the packaging they are made without gluten, wheat and milk and are vegetarian and a good source of fiber.  These products are shelved near the instore bakery at both the Cedar Center (frozen) and Woodmere (not frozen) stores.

Have you tried them?  Please share your experience by commenting below.

NEWS:  Wed. 6-10-15
guests to our website have reported that recalls of some Livwell products in the UK have been issued due to gluten contamination. 

Updates will be issued as details are available.

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  1. I bought the white rolls from whole foods. They are the absolute best gf roll I have had yet. Whether used for an egg sandwich or burger or sloppy joe… they taste yummy! Finally….

  2. I can’t seem to locate a store to buy the LivWell gluten free bread etc. I live in the Westchester , New York area . ( 10510 ) Briarcliff Manor. The nearest big town to me is Mt. Kisco or White Plains and the Whole Foods in White Plains does not carry the products.
    Can anyone suggest where the LivWell products can be purchased?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi,

      LivWell will no longer send their products to Whole Foods. I requested them from two different ones and they said they cannot get them anymore. I’m looking into getting them a different way. I don’t know if they’ve pulled out of sending to the US altogether or what. I’m trying to find out.



  3. I ate Livwell products back in 2007 on a trip in New Zealand and wrote down the name to see if they are available in the USA because they were pretty darn good in comparison to what else was available then. No luck then – so glad to hear that they are finally available in the USA now!

    1. Be aware Livwell crumpets labelled ‘gluten free’ in UK are contaminated with gluten and have been recalled.

      I do not know if any exported outside UK are contaminated but the Coeliac UK website has details.

  4. I just tried the seeded bread.All I can say is defrost it & eat, no toasting, no warming… So good…soft & moist… They didn’t have the pita bread at our local Whole Foods…I purchased 1 loaf of bread to try but I’m going back to buy several loaves to keep in the freezer…The UK has some find gf goodies.

    1. Just to say we hear in UK that Livwell gluten free pitta bread in UK is contaminated with gluten.

      Details are on the Coeliac UK website.

  5. I also have tried the Livwell products. The pita bread was excellent- a nice treat to have to dip in hummus. The seeded sandwich bread was also great. The best part about it is that if you let it thaw, it is completely soft and ready to eat. Even Udi’s can be a bit dry/crumbly and is better toasted or slightly warmed. This bread is great as is- and makes a fantastic peanut butter and jelly sandwich! It would be great for GF kids- they can have a sandwich in their lunch that is just as good as their peers.

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