Marshmallow Dream Bar – Starbucks

Found the Marshmallow Dream Bar at Starbucks today. Individually wrapped rice krispie – type treat located in the case with all the gluten filled options. $2.25 – but used a treat receipt after 2pm for $1.


5 thoughts on “Marshmallow Dream Bar – Starbucks”

    1. Found the Marshmallow Dreambar at the Starbucks inside the Target Rt. 43, Aurora!
      Had to buy it and sample it of course:) It was very yummy and very appreciated to finally
      be able to pick up a treat with my coffee – just like all the other Starbucks customer.

  1. They were in the case with the other baked goods. But recently I’ve seen them in a container by the register. Had some difficulty finding one last Saturday on the east side. Plenty yesterday in Parma.

    1. I can only comment from my experience. I have been to numerous Starbucks recently on Cleveland’s eastside and not one of them carried this product yet.

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