Mary’s Kitchen

Geneva OH

5023 New St,
Geneva, OH 44041

(440) 466-8606

Anne writes:
Located in Geneva-on-the-Lake and although it does not have a gluten-free menu, many items are naturally gluten-free, including some daily specials.
During a recent visit, our server carefully checked with the kitchen to insure that the stuffed peppers did not contain crushed crackers. (I would not have thought that stuffed peppers would contain any gluten, but the server thought to question this herself which is to her credit.)
Fortunately, the kitchen response was that there definitely was no crackers nor any gluten of any kind in the peppers – and the meal was both safe and delicious.
Since we vacation with family in Geneva-on-the-Lake at the end of every summer, I look forward to eating again at this restaurant.

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