Merwin’s Wharf


1785 Merwin Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Myself, my husband and another friend ate lunch here Sept. 28. As it was a nice day we ate outside, with a lovely river view, rose bushes in bloom yet and very pleasant overall. I was presented with a laminated gluten-free menu that contained a nice selection. Most sandwiches were available gluten-free with lettuce replacing the usual bun, which was fine. Service was very good and my meal (Cuban type sandwich but on lettuce with green beans on the side) was tasty and filling. Prices were a bit on the high side, but the value was well worth it. Afterwards we strolled the waterfront and examined the information signs detailing the area’s history. A pleasant time and I’m sure we will return. FYI In addition to a fire pit area outside, there is also a huge outdoor fireplace with comfortable seating. I can imagine that evenings here are fabulous.

2 thoughts on “Merwin’s Wharf”

  1. Thanks for your suggestion Betty. One of the issues of the restaurant business is that all factors pertaining to any single dining out experience are changeable. Many of us have used Find Me Gluten Free when traveling some to great success some not so much.

  2. Don’t know if you use an apps, but would love to see a review available about this restaurant, and any other in the area you are familiar with on Find Me Gluten Free. If you are not familiar, it is a great assist to fellow celiacs looking for GF friendly restaurants. I include both favorable and unfavorable reviews in order to help everyone out

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