Little Italy


2198 Murray Hill Rd
Cleveland, OH 44106

(216) 721-0300

Mariann writes:

Super beautiful Saturday evening in Cleveland, The Summer Solstice.   Heading to the Cleveland Museum of Art Solstice Celebration we stopped first for dinner at Michelangelo’s in Little Italy.  While I was not sure what to expect since I will typically call ahead and find out the details of their gluten-free awareness I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are very accommodating.  Our server explained that they have gluten-free pasta and lots of sauces to have with it but since I do not typically eat pasta I was more interested in the Entree Offerings.  I was not disappointed.  The gluten-free options offered included two fish items, duck and tenderloin.   The evenings specials included a Mushroom Risotto and a Cioppino – both of which might have appealed to me but which I forgot to inquire about – next time!  Our server recommended either the Duck or the Tenderloin coupled with a risotto on the side and I opted for the duck!  It was perfectly prepared and totally yummy!  She also recommended the Arneis wine which was amazing and which I had never had before.  The restaurant was packed – including a huge private party in one of the dining rooms so service was a bit bogged down but our server was attentive and gracious and extremely helpful.    (6/14)

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