More to Say on G-F Beer…….

It’s March!  The month of St. Patrick’s celebrations! And, what is St. Patrick’s day without the opportunity to share beers with friends? And, lots of strangers too!  But, if you have CD you may be finding that all of the places you like to gather don’t have any offerings for you to enjoy.
It’s a bummer.  Plain and Simple and Irritating.  
While I was cruising information sites today in search of news on G-F beers I came across this post (link below) from GLUTENDUDE.COM that somehow I missed previously.  So, I thought I’d share it up here.

At the same time I’m asking the community of friends to our website to share where they are finding their favorite G-F beers in their neighborhood bars and restaurants so that we can create a guide list/map to assist us all in our search!

I’ll start us off with what I know….        

The Fairmount in Cleveland Hts., Cedar Hill area, offers Bard’s
Harvest Kitchen in Solon offers Bard’s and also has Glutenberg listed on their menu.
Jilly’s Music Room in Akron offers Bard’s
Skye Bistro in Mentor offers Redbridge
Lopez on Lee in Cleveland Hts. offers Green’s

Additionally, I’d like to shout out to all our readers to open a discussion with their thoughts about how we can promote more establishments to offer legitimate G-F beers to their guests.  Petitions, phone calls, personal requests when dining, letters, emails, notes left at your table???  Any others!


4 thoughts on “More to Say on G-F Beer…….”

  1. Hi,
    Just to add, Sully’s Irish pub has Redbridge, Angry orchard in bottles and 2 gluten free ciders on tap. Nice selection in Medina, Ohio.

  2. Mike Bar and Grille offers Bards, though thirmenu is not very gluten friendly. About all that you can eat there is a salad or a burger without bun.

    1. Fritz,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience at Mike’s Bar and Grille! I see one listed in Berea. Is this the location you refer to?

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