Special K GF Cereal, Walker GF Shortbread, Texas Toast GF Croutons

special kwalker shortbreadSpecial K Gluten Free can be found at Marcs and some Giant Eagle stores. With 5gms of Fiber, 50% Daily Iron, and a good source of B Vitamins, this cereal is a welcome addition. Look for Kellogg’s Pop Chips marked gluten free too.

Walker Scottish Shortbread is a holiday favorite. It is buttery and crisp—great with a cup of coffee. Look for the gluten free version.

texas toast GF croutonsEnjoy croutons once again! This gluten free salad topping was seen sold with other Texas toast croutons.

One thought on “Special K GF Cereal, Walker GF Shortbread, Texas Toast GF Croutons”

  1. Found the Walkers Shortbread Cookes at Giant Eagle. They cost bout $4.50 for a box with about a dozen cookies. They have a great buttery decadence with a solid texture to the bite. Highly recommended. Be careful as they are a bit delicate. 2 arrived broken in half and another broke as I was removing it from the package. Still tasted fantastic. A real treat.

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