News Notes and Things to Know…..1/2018

Mariann writes:

Happy New Year All!!

I hope your holidays were filled with all the things that you love about celebrating with friends and family!

Here’s some things that are happening in the world of CD and gluten-free just to keep us all on our toes as we venture into 2018!!

In the following article you will find the final paragraph reads…..

“Avoiding whole grains because you’ve heard gluten is bad is like avoiding whole fruits because you’ve heard fructose is bad,” Dr. Katz said in an interview. A diet without gluten is most often associated with the inclusion of what he calls “ultra-processed, gluten-free junk foods” and the exclusion of highly nutritious whole grains. “Avoiding it systematically produces net harm both to diet and to health.”

I will refrain from expressing my commentary to this piece and let you judge for yourself but it is worth a read because others will read it and you might like to discuss it further!

FSR magazine which reports on all things related to the restaurant and food service business just had this article at their website and on f/b.  Share it with any restauranteurs that you communicate with!


Meal Options expanding to cover the needs of the gluten-free diner !!



And then locally at ………


And a reminder and an update!!  Last year readers voted on the top 5 restaurants serving g-f diners.

This year we are proud to share that #1, Cafe Avalaun,
now Certified 100 % Gluten Free Food Service by GIG!


Finally, an explanation for why this disease is slogging in the research world…..

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