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Mariann writes:

If you are like me you have started already thinking about your pie baking for the holidays?  And, If you are like me you are trying a new recipe every year still searching for the crust outcome that you remember from you pre gluten-free days!  I’ve had some really good crust recipes over the past ten years of being gluten-free but what I like about this recipe from its first read is its simplicity.  This will be the recipe I reach for when making our Pumpkin  and Lemon Curd Pies this Holiday Season!

Tricia Thompson at Gluten Free Watchdog has a tutorial on calculating the amount of gluten consumed based on the parts per million measure you will find after items have been lab tested.

Keeping in mind please!  There is no definitive number that has been determined to be a tolerable level for gluten exposure.

Video: Converting ppm of Gluten to mg of Gluten

November News from Cafe Avalaun….
Cafe Avalaun

Including New Hours!  Pizza Take and Bakes, Events, Catering, Holiday Ordering and Fresh Meals!
November G-F Review……

Breakfast Foods!


  Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG)

Restaurant Dining: Seven Tips for Staying Gluten-Free

More Discussion About…..


Check it out!!  Free Italy vacation getaway via Jovial Pasta!

Like all of the members of our Celiac Family kids have special needs and considerations for dealing with Celiac Disease!  See GIG’s report on what is going on in the world of CD and Youth!

AND THEN,  Let us know if you find an active group in NEO!!

Ever wonder what our local Generation GF​ support groups actually *do*? Check out what some of our awesome groups are doing across the country

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