News Notes and Things to Know…….7/17

Some interesting pieces of information from the gluten-free community….

If you’ve been following the controversy of gluten-free designation/FDA rules/foods in violation you can follow along on the latest in the discussion from Tricia Thompson founder of Gluten-Free Watchdog:


Here’s the link for the latest issue of GIG magazine including timely articles, coupons, recipes and more…….


Celiac Disease and the Gluten Free Diet Resources
Celiac Disease and the Gluten Free Diet Resources

This past month I’ve encountered a couple of news articles, both print and digital, where the information contained in them regarding the gluten-free diet was just plain wrong.  Where references were made to product and to diagnosis and to treatment that were old, out of date and still circulating.  But, just when you think folks are starting to ‘get it’ – smack – something else appears to reveal how far away the general population is  at ‘getting it’.

When dining out g-f there are so many; so,so,so,so many things to keep in mind.  Here’s an article that will highlight for you why you need to always be your own advocate; ask and ask again.  You never know just what that kitchen is doing……….


Will gluten-free make it to the list of Food Trends for 2018-19?  You might be following the shifts in the dining scene by going to restaurants and seeing the changes in the menu offerings.  Or you may be seeing the shift in the grocery store shelving.  You may also be seeing more advertising about g-f food items in magazines.  The big trend for restaurants in 2017-18 is ‘faux foods’ – things that look like foods you know but made with ingredients you might not realize could mimic those items – think tofurkey – with pizzazz!  Vegan food is on the rise, everywhere, and it took a long time to get there.  So, while restauranteurs may not yet be ready to accept that g-f needs their attention, the financial sector has noted the growth of the g-f products. post by Hannah Drown

Looking over this list and having just traveled across the country using Find Me Gluten Free I would have to say that my experience was successful.  If you’ve used any of these please share your favorite!


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