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Progressive Field 2017  

As of the date of this newsletter we do not have the complete list of stands at Progressive Field but we do have at least one stand visited on opening week!  In section 156 – out on the main concourse, next to the fan services office, a dedicated gluten-free stand where you can get hot dogs on buns, burgers on buns, Redbridge beer, some packaged snacks but, as of this week, no pretzels in sight.

   Here’s the GREAT crew who was manning the stand this week!

They were gracious and helpful even while they were challenged with frozen buns they were trying desperately to get thawed out for a long line of guests.  I’d like to see the stand offer bags of chips and I also heard guests asking for popcorn.  The need to travel all over the stadium in search of things to eat becomes ever more challenging if you have wait a long time for the line and the buns to thaw.

If you go to the game and stop in at the stand follow up with a message to the vendor and fan services. Let them know about your experience so that they can address issues AND/OR post your comments here and we’ll follow up.

As always, civility and polite requests are most welcome:)

Have Fun, Enjoy your Eats, and GO TRIBE!!

…….AND check out the discussion from on making your best choices for adult beverages!


IN THE NEWS:  Is a virus sparking our genetic predisposition to CD?

    Help!!  I’ve been glutened:(



Cleveland’s First G-F Craft Beer.


Recently we had a guest to our site reach out asking for information on dining out recommendations for another city.  Because we have not been keeping a log of all our travels we can only offer as suggestions the tools we have used in the past while traveling.

Here are some sites you can look to for assistance on your travels! the name of the city you are interested in searching. the name of the city you are interested in searching.

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