Ovenly Delights

Cuyahoga Falls

Phone: 330-940-2129
Email:  kdeluca@ovenlydelights.com
Web: www.ovenlydelights.com
Pick Up Location:  3552 Keyser Parkway
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Monday: Open for baking
Tuesday: Open for baking
Wednesday: Open for baking
Thursday: Open for baking
Friday: Open for baking
Saturday: Howe Meadow Market
Sunday: Closed

5 thoughts on “Ovenly Delights”

  1. Love, love, loved the amaretto cupcakes and the cranberry orange scones. Mini cupcakes are beautiful and just the right size. Hope to see you at the Gluten Free Vendor Fair. Your fabulous treats are for sharing!

  2. Since there is such a nice variety of flavorful items from Ovenly Delights, make the trip worthwhile by purchasing several and perhaps freezing some for another time!

  3. I tried the line from Ovenly Delights and loved everything. The blueberry lemon mini cupcakes were so rich and flavorful. My husband hinted at getting me a gluten-free gift I think I will point you him toward Ovenlyights Delights.

  4. Ovenly Delight Scones are great! I don’t often get GF scones. I tried their blueberry lemon, chocolate raspberry and amaretto apple mini cupcakes too–wonderful. Their bread is moist! Treat yourself! Place an order and then take a drive to Cuyahoga Falls, or look for Ovenly Delights at the Howe Meadow Farmer’s Market or Old Trail School.

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