The Bertram Inn Hotel

600 N. Aurora Rd.
Aurora, OH 44202


Mariann writes:

Paws is the casual dining option at the Bertram Inn Hotel.  I recently attended an event in the private party seating area of the restaurant where I was offered a specially printed gluten-free menu for the event guests.  I had the shrimp and grits and the ribs with slaw – both appetizers but substantial enough for a meal.   Paws has a nice cocktail lounge with a cozy dining room.  Through the glass doors – the upscale dining room, Leopard Restaurant.  While I have not eaten yet at Leopard the menu posted on-line states the kitchens willingness to accommodate all dietary requests.  (6/14)

One thought on “Paws”

  1. I also had a wonderful experience at PAWS. I also had the delicious shrimp and grits. I asked if my dish could please not contain garlic or onion since I am on the FODMAP diet and they were able to do that which surprised me. They were very gluten-free friendly.

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