Radio: Going Gluten Free

On February 3, 2015 local radio program The Sound of Ideas featured an excellent discussion of Going Gluten Free.

Jeffry Katz, Medical Director of Inflammatory Bowel Disease at UH Case Medical Center, professor of medicine at CWRU School of Medicine
Trisha Lyons, dietician at MetroHealth Medical Center, has Celiac disease
Laura Jeffers, dietician but with the Cleveland Clinic
Laurie Sammon, member of the Northeast Ohio Celiac Disease Network and the mother of a son with Celiac disease

Program Description:
We’ve been bombarded for years about the wonders of sugar-free or fat-free products, but what’s the big deal about gluten free? The gluten free market will hit $15 billion by the end of next year, double what it was five years before. It makes you wonder: Is gluten bad for you? Unless you have a certain medical condition, probably not. We’ll explain what gluten is, why it’s in so much of what we eat and who needs to worry about it.

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