Resources for the Newly Diagnosed

Northeast Ohio Celiac Network: Use the search feature found in the bars to the left or above.
Join our email list and be informed of upcoming events and information of interest in the greater Cleveland area.
Find a mentor to help answer your questions.

Living Without Magazine: Must-Do’s for Newly Diagnosed Celiacs

Celiac Disease Foundation: Quick Start Guide

National Foundation for Celiac AwarenessGetting Started Guide
Answers from a Dietitian: Submit questions to online NFCA dietitians

Gluten Intolerance Group of Long Island: Getting Started

Gluten Intolerance Group: Printable Educational Bulletins including Getting Started and much more! Introduction to the Gluten Free Diet

2 thoughts on “Resources for the Newly Diagnosed”

  1. I’m not newly diagnosed. But new at trying to treat my Illness. After many failed attempts. I appreciate any help and resources I can use. I’d like to find a face to face support group

    1. Our group will be scheduling some support meetings this fall and some fun events. If you haven’t talked with a dietitian/nutritionist that specializes in Celiac disease I personally recommend it. When I was first diagnosed I saw a nutritionist who didn’t have a clue and just copied articles off the net. Trisha Lyons, at Metro Hospital, specializes in Celiac and has it herself. She is excellent! You can also sign up for our mentoring program on our website

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