Soho Kitchen and Bar

Ohio City

Gay says:

We stopped at Soho Kitchen and Bar (1889 W 25th) last Thursday evening (around 9 pm so they were not busy) and I was pleasantly shocked to discover they have taken one of their regular menus and marked the GF options on it.  There are several items in each category of appetizers, salads & soups, and entrees + they have one GF beer (Omission) – which I did not try.  It was not busy so the waitress had the opportunity to chat with me and said the chef is very happy to modify items that are not “naturally” gf.  I had the deviled eggs (wonderful) and the “Carolina Peanut” soup – also very good. This place serves “southern style” foods such as deep fried chicken on waffles –  and those items were not GF.  But, if you are with people going there, you can find a number of things to eat.

2/11/2013 update from Gay:

I returned to Soho Kitchen in the Ohio City neighborhood last week and tried another of their gluten-free dishes.  This time I ordered their shrimp, andouille  sausage and grits entree. I am not  fond of grits but this dish may have made me a believer.  It is divine. Soho Kitchen, 1889 W 25th St., Cleveland 216-298-9090.


Has anyone else tried it?  What was your experience?  Please comment below.

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