Grand Oak Culinary Market – Canada


4600 Victoria Avenue
Vineland, ON
L0R 2E0

Canadian phone  T: 289.567.0487

Our guest Janden writes:
This is a great market, deli, and bakery. 
They serve wonderful GF wraps, sandwiches, and baked goods, with a full GF kitchen. 
My #1 stop on the way to Toronto!  I
n fact I usually call a couple of days ahead to have my favorite muffins ready for pick up.


Public Square, Multiple locations outside Ohio

2105 Ontario St
Cleveland, OH

(216) 302-1001

Had a great lunch at Wahlburgers at Prospect and Ontario in the shadow of the casino.

The menu features burgers (of course), other sandwiches and salads. There is no gluten free menu but I was reassured by both the seater and server that most everything on the menu could be made gluten free. The server checked with the kitchen and confirmed that each fried item had its own fryer and was safely GF.

While they do have a GF bun, I chose to have my burger as a Chopped Salad Bowl. The Sweet Potato Tots were a large portion and easily shared.

I’d return if I were in the area but don’t think I’d make a special trip.

2105 Ontario Street
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 302-1001

Also located in eastern US and Canada



Starbucks has introduced a Gluten-Free Smoked Canadian Bacon & Egg hot breakfast sandwich.

From Starbucks’ website:

At last, a breakfast sandwich for our gluten-free friends. Tasty cherrywood-smoked Canadian bacon, an egg patty and reduced-fat white cheddar on a gluten free roll. It’s all prepared in a certified gluten-free environment and sealed for your safety. We then warm and serve it in its own oven-safe parchment bag to avoid any cross-contamination.

Starbucks has been increasing the number of gluten free offerings. Since the introduction of the Marshmallow Dream Bar Starbucks has been adding additional certified gluten free packaged snacks. You can find a range of chips, cookies, jerkies, yogurt and bananas. But it is only now that you can get a sandwich.

The GF roll stood up well to the heating and eating without crumbling, even having a slight chew. The filling is comfort food: soft and a bit salty.

The Starbucks workers at one location opened the package before heating. Do make sure that the item you receive has remained sealed in its package.

It’s nice to know I can find a meal while traveling thanks to the ubiquity of Starbucks.

As always, Starbucks says:

We cannot guarantee that any of our products are free from allergens (including dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, wheat and others) as we use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Mentor, North Olmsted, Fairlawn, North Canton and Nationwide

Now in Cleveland and Akron area!
Mentor – North Olmsted – Fairlawn
and multiple locations nationwide


Diane writes:

I’ve recently been to BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in Orlando, Florida and closer to home in Mentor and North Olmsted.

At each visit I had a tasty meal and can highly recommend the Kale And Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad and Fire-Roasted Barbacoa Chicken from the gluten free menu.

I was disappointed with the Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Pizookie®: Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie with rich vanilla bean ice cream. Sounds great. But the serving I received was underbaked mush with a mediocre vanilla ice cream. Still, points for having this item on the menu.

The GF menu also has a GF pizza, entrees and sides. While the main menu says they have GF buns for burgers, burgers are not listed on the GF menu.

25779 Brookpark Road
North Olmsted, OH 44070

7880 Mentor Ave.
Mentor, OH 44060

3265 West Market St. Suite 85
Fairlawn, OH 44333

6476 Strip Ave. NW
North Canton, OH 44720

Look for other locations while traveling.


Multiple Locations

also at:

Cuyahoga Falls
2002 Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, United States
(330) 923-8701

8748 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH 44060, United States

Eileen writes:

BurgerFi is a newish chain in our area with 2 locations in NEOhio.   When I asked about getting their burger that they wrap in lettuce instead of a bun I was warned that the buns are everywhere in the kitchen. I wished that the employee would have said, “We have a procedure for that.” Now that I think about it I wish every restaurant I go to and say, I have to eat gluten-free or I have celiac would say that.

The nice thing about BurgerFi is that they have a lettuce wrap in a little cellophane baggie that goes halfway up the burger so that you can hold it and eat it.  I was surprised that it was 50 cents extra but it was so nice I was happy to pay it.

I also sent a comment to BurgerFi on their website suggesting that they have a procedure for preparing and serving GF.

Taste Catering and Eatery, San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Taste Restaurant
2900 Broad St.
San Luis Obispo CA 93401

Eileen writes:

If you are in San Luis Obispo, California drive very fast to Taste. 

This restaurant had small plates and the best ones are the AMAZING variations of gluten-free corn Mac and Cheese. You can have blue cheese, bacon, mushroom, broccoli, caramelized onions, provolone,  roasted red peppers, feta, spinach and a myriad of combinations of these. Oh my goodness it was the richest, creamiest mac and cheese  I have ever had in my life.   Also see my review of San Luis Obispo Donut Company.

OK GF friends book your flight now, you won’t be sorry!!!

The Steeping Room, Austin Texas

Austin, Texas

(a tea room)
4400 N Lamar Blvd #102
Austin, Texas


Eileen writes:

I was visiting Texas and went to The Steeping Room for a tea party.
I don’t know about you but, when I have gone for tea since I was diagnosed I have had tea and “the salad” .

At the Steeping room I had the full tea listed on the menu, which included tea sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, tea cookies, fruit, and a tea cake all gluten free and delish!!!!
The only problem I had was my non gluten free friends wanted to share things so they could taste what they hadn’t ordered.
I tried to explain that I couldn’t share because I couldn’t try any of theirs.

When in Austin have fun at tea and check with other tearooms to see if you can have more than “the salad”.

San Luis Obispo Donut Company

San Luis Obispo, CA

793 E Foothill Blvd, Unit F
San Luis Obispo CA 93405


Eileen writes:

Everything in San Luis Obispo goes by SLO so this is the SLO Donut Company.

They have a regular donut shop with a huge variety of donuts.
It looks like the staff can be as creative as they want all the way from maple and bacon donuts to a duffle= donut+waffle.
When I was there around Feb. 2016 they were creating a gluten-free donut shop next to their regular one so maybe it’s open by now.
The only other huge wonderful gluten-free donut shop I have found was Rebel Donuts in Albuquerque, NM and it was amazing!!!

Los Agaves Mexican Restaurant – Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara California
600 N Milpas St.
Santa Barbara  CA 93103
2911 De La Vinas St.
Santa Barbara  CA  93105

Eileen writes:

You walk into Los Agaves Restaurant and it’s a mad house where you order at  the counter but, the restaurant is really pretty and the food is amazing!!

I asked about a gluten-free menu and options and the owner immediately advised me and took care of me personally even though it was super busy. He told me he was going to make my food on a separate grill, advised me what I would like,  and then he made me a special coleslaw that was amazing.  The only places that comes close to this in Cleveland area are Momocho or El Carnicero which are very good and extremely gluten-friendly.

Jennifer’s Way (Commercial) Bakery

55-70 60th Street
Maspeth, NY 11378

Over the last few years, I have heard a good deal about Jennifer Esposito’s advocacy endeavors, and the establishment of Jennifer’s Way Bakery in New York. After reading up on it, I have become very impressed with Ms. Esposito’s dedication to not only gluten-free baking, but “clean,” healthy baking, baking of the sort I do for myself, and long to do for those I love and whose health I cherish.

Jennifer's Way Box

Jennifer’s Way Bakery is free of many food allergens aside from gluten, along with the nasty preservatives and processed sugars and fats that wreak havoc on our bodies. Her offerings are gluten-, dairy-. egg-. refined sugar-, GMO-, soy-, nut-, and trans-fat-free, as well as free of preservatives. These are baked goods you can feel good about eating. And without all of these ingredients, the products really do taste amazing.

I am unable to visit the retail bakery in New York, but discovered recently that several of Ms. Esposito’s products can be mail-ordered from her new commercial bakery via the Jennifer’s Way Website. On the eastern US (we count as being in that area), your goods will arrive within 2 business days to ensure freshness, and this shipping option is automatically applied. For areas further west, there are other shipping choices that ensure the products will arrive within two days, as well. There are occasionally deals on different goodies and on shipping, so check in to see what is being offered. To start out, celiac disease advocate Gluten Dude offers a coupon on his site, if you’d like to give something at Jennifer’s Way a try.

I happened upon the site during a bagel promotion, and… pretty much bought every type of bagel there.

They. Were. Amazing.

Jennifer's Way Brooklyn Bagel

Huge, tempting, chewy on the outside, tender on the inside, these Brooklyn Bagels are certainly the best gluten-free bagels I’ve had. I loved all the varieties, but my favorites included the “everything” bagel (I never had the opportunity to try a “normal” everything bagel before my diagnosis, so this was a real treat), and the cinnamon cranberry bagel.

At first, I was wary of trying mail-order bakery goods, but I am so glad I took a chance on Jennifer’s Way. My products arrived fresh and well-packaged, and in a timely manner. I stored many of them in the freezer, where they kept well.

I highly recommend these healthy, delicious goods!

Stanley Park Pavilion

Vancouver, BC Canada

Stanley’s Bar and Grille
610 Pipeline Rd
Vancouver, BC
V6G 1Z4, Canada

+1 604-602-3088

Mariann writes:  Notes on My Summer Vacation

Stanley Park is the second largest urban green space park on the North American Continent – second only to Central Park in NYC!!  It is quite lovely! 

At the Pavilion in the Rose Garden is a wonderful Bar and Grille with g-f friendly food options and a well informed staff to serve your every need:)   

We were seated on the quiet and quite lovely deck overlooking the gardens where I relished the Smoked Fresh Tomato Soup and the Poutine along with my Bard’s Beer.  The soup was hot, thick and super flavorful, the Poutine was covered in thick and aromatic mushroom gravy with chewy and salty chef-made cheese curd!  The Bard’s was Cold, Crisp and totally Craved!  Our server was a delight – friendly, attentive and knowledegable – which based on others diners experiences, as we witnessed, was typical for the venue! 

Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery

Vancouver, BC Canada

“A gluten free bakery in Vancouver BC Canada. We supply gluten free, dairy free, and vegan baked goods”

3385 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6

1 604-873-9993

Mariann shares:  Notes from My Summer Vacation

Searching for gluten-free options while in Vancouver BC led me to Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery and some of the most amazing sweet treats I have ever had in my entire life!  Often I feel cheated after visiting gluten-free bakeries since so many of the treats I sample don’t present themselves well in terms of flavor or texture BUT!!  not here!!  oh no, not at Lemonade. 

Tim and I went in a search for sweet treats for breakfast and we were not disappointed. We also could not pick so we just had to have what our hearts called out for……..  On the spot we sampled the Profiterole, Cinnamon Danish, Pear Almond Brioche, Berry Muffin, and Chocolate Croissant – while taking a bag for later of seeded breads and buns!

Everything we ate was Simply Divine with the seeded breads making our dinner at the harbor later that evening the Perfect Vacation Finale!


Edible Canada at the Market

Vancouver, BC Canada

212-1551 Johnston St.
Granville Island,  Vancouver
British Columbia. CANADA

A Note from Mariann – June 2015 – My Summer Vacation:)

In June I traveled to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Olympia WA, Puget Sound San Juan Islands, finishing up in Vancouver, BC, Canada! 

The following commentary relates to our meal at Edible Canada at the Market on Granville Island!

We had a wonderful encounter in Vancouver while visiting Granville Market.  After repeated attempts to find a place to enjoy an evening cocktail with dinner, that would allow me to partake, Tim and I wandered into the courtyard at Edible Canada.  A Bistro, Artisan Store and Canadian specialty small batch treat shop (more on that in a minute) with lots of options and accommodations available for gluten-free dining.

To start – the bar stocks a local g-f brew, the Whistler Brewery,  g-f Lager,  Forager!  A great beer.   We dined on Chorizo Chowder, Salmon, and Sturgeon,  with locally harvested fresh vegs,   Dinner was a delight!  Ambiance amazing!  and the Service was spectacular – thank you Laura! 

After dinner we sat at the bar for a coffee and hot chocolate drink while simultaneously taking side trips in the Artisan store – stocking up on handmade caramel popcorn, dark chocolate coated sponge candy, cake-in-a-jar, smoked salmon, and sea salts. 

When you have the opportunity to escape away for a break – Vancouver is an amazing place to visit- The city is full of g-f friendly options and with super informed staff.  My suggestion would be this –  if the person at the door has no clue what you are asking when making a g-f inquiry don’t go there – keep looking for options in the neighborhood or just head to the dock and take the Aquabus across the harbor to Granville Harbor for your shopping and dining pleasures.  You will not be disappointed:)


Big Lots

Multiple locations.

Big Lots is a unique, non-traditional, discount retailer operating 1,495 Big Lots stores in 48 states with product assortments in the merchandise categories of Food, Consumables, Furniture & Home Décor, Seasonal, Soft Home, Hard Home, and Electronics & Accessories. We are committed to providing amazing values every day.

And they have gluten free food. The selection is unpredictable. The prices are usually good, but sometimes you can do better at Marc’s or elsewhere.

I was there yesterday and found Chex Oatmeal for $2 per box. And Breton crackers for $2.25 which I have not seen elsewhere.

Comment below with your finds.

Dewey’s Pizza

Cedar Lee and Lakewood and on the road including Columbus!

NOW SERVING 3 locations locally and others on the road!
Cleveland Hts.
2194 Lee Rd.
Cleveland Hts., OH 44118

18516 Detroit Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107

Summit Mall
3265 W Market St
Fairlawn, OH 44333
(330) 873-4444

Mariann writes:

Back in 2014 we had correspondence from Dewey’s Pizza about their testing out a gluten-free crust (see below).  The response has been positive and they are currently offering their pizza in a gluten-free option. Also on their menu are great salads.  Many of the salads are g-f and others can be modified to accommodate the diet.

Also, last month when I dined at Dewey’s they were offering Bard’s G-F beer based on recommendations from NEOCN!  We asked.  They listened. Voila!

Please keep in mind that Dewey’s is a shared kitchen.  Their staff has been very knowledgeable and helpful in the past so ask for what you need or what you are uncertain about.  You won’t be disappointed – their pizza is great!

Here’s a response from the GM of Dewey’s in NEO from our recent inquiry.

Thanks for getting back to me. Listed below is our allergy protocol. In short, we do our absolute best to ensure we serve the safest product. However, the one thing we can never completely eliminate is trace amounts of flour in the air as well as our ovens. So although our Gluten-Free pizza is safe for an overwhelming majority of those afflicted with celiac’s, for those that are HIGHLY sensitive, we cannot guarantee ZERO exposure.

However, this is what we do for guests who indicate to our serving staff that they have a gluten allergy:

We top the pizzas with gloves, using only fresh product from below our line that has not yet been at risk for cross-contamination. The pizza itself cooks in an aluminum tin so the pizza doesn’t make direct contact with our oven stones. When the pizza comes out, we use a clean cutter fresh from our dish machine that has not come in contact with any other pizzas yet.
So once again, not 100% full proof given that we have an open air kitchen and hand-toss our normal product. However, our process is about as good as it gets for a pizza place.
Next time you’re in at our Lee Road location, as to speak with a manager. They would be happy to demonstrate our protocol in-person. The GM there is named Anthony Ramos.


2/2015,     Thanks for sharing Norma, I will be in the area tomorrow and give this a try. Am looking forward to samples!

Norma writes:
Until the end of November, Dewey’s Pizza at both the Lakewood and Cedar Lee locations will be offering a GF pizza.
If there is enough interest it will be put on their menu.
The GF pizza is 12″ and is the price of the regular 11″ pizza plus $3.
My daughter and I found the thin crust very good!
I have celiac disease and she has gluten sensitivity.

Sweet Christine’s Gluten-free Bakery

Philadelphia PA- Kennett Sq. area

NOTE by Diane: Archived 7/6/2017 – links broken – reported closed yelp.



Mariann writes (9-14)

Sweet Christines has  g-f baked options for individuals on-line or on-site (Phila. PA); via grocery stores; food service options are also available.  See their website for the full listing of items and ordering options.

Sweet Christines g-f bakery is the bread provider for Jilly’s Music Room Restaurant in Akron, OH.

Piada Italian Restaurant

South Euclid (Cedar Center), Beachwood (Across from Ahuja), Rocky River and elsewhere in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan

3870 Richmond Rd (across from Ahuja Medical Center)
Beachwood, Ohio

13947 Cedar Road (Cedar Center)
South Euclid, Ohio 44118

19925 Center Ridge Road,
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

We ate lunch at Piada and we were excited to see a billboard in the restaurant announcing gluten-free options.  It looks like  the set up of Chipotle but very upscale and nice. We opted for the salads since they do not have gluten-free pasta or breads.  Be careful in the serving line as breadcrumbs were in one area. We asked to speak with the chef, and there is always a chef on hand. We asked for our salad items to be taken from the kitchen and not the line to avoid cross contamination. Almost all of the ingredients  were taken from the back. The chef seemed very knowledgeable about G.F. practices. The salad was great nicely tossed and containing a nice mixture not the regular bowl of lettuce with a few things on top. The serving line moves very quickly since it is designed for you to get your order and be able to return to work very quickly.


Soergel’s Orchard Farm Market

Wexford, PA (Pittsburgh suburb)

Soergel’s Orchard Farm Market

20 miles north of Pittsburgh
2573 Brandt School Road
Wexford, PA 15090

Worth the drive!

A farm with many retail buildings (gift barn, gardening barn, etc) There is a barn ENTIRELY for food allergies with about 900 gluten free products, many dairy free, new or hard to find.

If you travel to Pittsburgh first, visit Gluuteny Bakery in Squirrel Hill for GF pastry and then head to Soergel’s. Be prepared to spend more than you anticipated.

Amy Soergel was diagnosed a few years ago and is trained in nutrition. She is more than qualified to answer your questions.

First Wednesday of the month is 10% off. First Thursday class– Gluten Free 101

Have all day to spend? Drive north to Sharon PA and have GF lunch or dinner at Ferrara’s!

Portia’s Cafe – Columbus


IB shares about a restaurant in the Columbus area:

We went out to eat at Portia’s restaurant which is a vegan and GF restaurant.  Small, hippy like.  I ordered a wrap which they make fresh and is so delicious – light and fluffy, not hard.  No bad aftertaste.   Exquisite.

GF in Chicago – Restaurant Reviews


Judy reports on her recent trip to Chicago:

We had a fabulous time in Chicago.  We went to the German restaurant and Roses Bakery.  Also, a restaurant/bakery called OMG! It’s Gluten Free, which is a gluten free facility.  They had the best chicken fingers.  They specialize in gf lasagna and chicken parmesan.  MaryLou and I both got frozen dinners to take home. They screwed up our order at the table so they gave both of us a free pound of choc chip cookie dough for home baking.  The place is in Frankfort.  But the absolute best of all was the French Cafe that did crepes.  OMG!!!!!  This was the best we have ever had of any gf restaurant!  We went to dinner Wed. night and loved it so much that we did breakfast there too on Thur. It’s a tiny place with 8 small tables and french ambiance with french music.  This french chef (he is literally French Morrocan trained in France) developed his own recipes for gf crepes.  He does savory, dessert, and breakfast crepes. All of the items on the menu can be made gf and he also does dairy free, soy free, corn free,  —  any allergy.  The place is called La France and is located in Lombard.  If you are in the Chicago area, this is an absolute must go.  The chef was so tickled that we would put his restaurant on our website that he kissed my hand.  Yikes!!

Here’s a list of the restaurants:

1) Bavaria Hof Restaurant in Schaumburg, IL – Gluten Free German food and beer Large gluten free menu

2) Rose’s Bakery & Cafe, Central St., Evanston IL. Worth the drive, lunch menu and bakery! GF Pita bread for wraps
Update: Closed.

3) OMG..It’s Gluten Free, Bakery & Café, Frankfort IL

4) La France, Lombard IL,  Gluten Free Crepes!

Wish we had these restaurants in Cleveland.  I might need to take a road trip.

Have you eaten at any of these restaurants?  Feel free to add your favorites to the list.